Monday, April 21, 2014

McDonald's products in Abu Dhabi contain pork

Gulf News
21 April 2014

Adfca allays rumours that McDonald products in Abu Dhabi contain pork

    By Binsal Abdul Kader, Staff Reporter

[…] Mohammad Jalal Al Raisi, Director of Communication and Community Service at Adfca, […] said some vigilant residents helped the authority to allay a rumour that some McDonald’s products sold in Abu Dhabi contained ingredients of pork.

“We received enquiries through Abu Dhabi Government’s call centre last week and preliminary investigations found that it was a rumour originated on social media. Still we did not take any chance and our inspectors took samples of McDonald’s products for lab tests.”

The inspections and lab tests proved that “non-halal” products were not present in Abu Dhabi market at all, Al Raisi said.

The rumours quoted some Islamic institutions abroad as saying that McDonald’s products in the emirate, especially mayonnaise and spices, contained pork ingredients as they came from McDonald’s America.

The official said the authority confirmed that such products at McDonald’s outlets in Abu Dhabi came from Egypt. […]