Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Some Waiwai items from Tokyo Confidential

[The Waiwai page, a weekly summary of stories from lurid Japanese newsmagazines, appeared in the Mainichi Daily News from 1989 to 2008. Tokyo Confidential collects various Waiwai columns from 1992 to 2000.]

Mark Schreiber, ed., Tokyo Confidential: Titillating Tales From Japan’s Wild Weeklies (Tokyo: The East Publications, Inc., 2001), p. 96.

Gay Bosses Leaving Their Marks on Male Subordinates

Shukan Jitsuwa

“I was on a business trip with my boss,” a young company man tells Shukan Jitsuwa. “We stayed at a business hotel. ‘You better take this, I snore like the devil,’ said the boss, handing me a sleeping pill. The pill worked. I heard not a single snore. But I woke up with a sharp pain in my anus. Was it possible? Had I been raped in my sleep?”

Very possible indeed. […]

Schreiber, Tokyo Confidential, 169.

Weirdo Patients Making Doctors Sick to the Stomach

Sunday Mainichi

[…] And some patients are just a little – well, unclear as to how things should be done. One elderly patient, a doctor relates, sent a beautifully wrapped package to the hospital where he worked. The doctor opened it, eagerly anticipating delectables. But found it filled with feces. The woman had gift wrapped a fecal specimen intended for the pathology lab.

Schreiber, Tokyo Confidential, 225.

Railway Rage

Shukan Bunshun

[In a heated argument with a punk on a train, a salaryman declares his intention to fight him at the next station. But when the train doors open, he runs out and up the exit staircase three steps at a time.]

Schreiber, Tokyo Confidential, 253-4.

Homestay Porno Queens Get Bed But No Breakfast

Shukan Post

Division head Suzuki, posted to the United States on an extended business assignment, prepares for another quiet evening alone. To alleviate the boredom, he picks up a few X-rated tapes from a video rental shop. He pops one entitled “Asian Fever” into his VCR and settles back with a scotch and water in hand to watch. To his utter amazement, his 21-year-old daughter Sachiko appears, cavorting naked with not one, but two well-endowed young men.

Is such a thing possible? Well, notes Shukan Post, demand in the United States is booming for adult videos featuring Asian performers. And of some 190,000 Japanese who go abroad each year to study, a disproportionate number happen to be females in the 19-to-22 age bracket. Suddenly it all starts to make sense. […]