Saturday, January 25, 2014

Barrister-bonking Juror

The Law Society Gazette [UK]
21 October 2013

By James Morton

I was sad to read of the death this month at the age of 91 of Robert Flach, who until he retired in 2011, must have been the longest-practising and oldest barrister.  […]

One Old Bailey day, he and Rees-Davies were defending together when Flach looked up at a female juror about to be sworn and said, ‘My God, Billy, what am I going to do? I’ve been to bed with her.’ Billy said: ‘Don’t worry. I’ll do it for you. So have I.’ Billy put it most tactfully, if not wholly flatteringly: ‘My Lord, my learned friend and I feel we have met this lady socially at some time. We can’t exactly recall the circumstances but perhaps it would be better if she stood down.’