Monday, November 25, 2013

The Knockout Game

New York Times
22 November 2013

‘Knockout Game’ a Spreading Menace or a Myth


New York Post
23 November 2013

By Michael Gartland

The Daily Beast
25 November 2013

Much like "wilding" before it, the furor over the "knockout game" bears all the hallmarks of an overblown panic over a crime wave that doesn't exist.

By Jamelle Bouie

Have teenagers adopted a new game of random assaults, with the goal of a one-hit “knock out?” […]

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
6 December 2013

By Christine Byers

ST. LOUIS -- Police say a reported “knockout game” attack that recently attracted national attention to St. Louis is false.

Ashley DePew, 23, and her boyfriend Justin Simms, 25, were charged Friday with falsifying a police report. The pair had claimed DePew was the victim of a random attack outside a St. Louis bar last month, police said.

Police now believe she was actually injured by her boyfriend and the pair fabricated the “knockout game” story as a cover for her injury. […]