Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Caviar Kiss-Off [Australia]
17 November 2013

Daisy Dumas

[…] For pure meanness, one Friday night at Rockpool Bar and Grill outshines all other misdemeanors.

''It was a busy Friday night, the restaurant was going crazy and a couple in their late 20s came in,'' [general manager Jerry] Courmadias says. ''They ordered a couple of glasses of champagne and went straight to the main course.''

A few minutes later, the girl approached the manager. It was her boyfriend's birthday and, as a surprise, could she please order two 125-gram cans of caviar? After she had assured the waiter the $1200 price was no problem, she nipped to the toilet, never to return.

''That was her break-up line,'' Courmadias says. ''He was pretty devastated, on a number of levels.''

As for the calculatedly heartbreaking bill, Courmadias says, ''let's just say we came to an agreement''.