Saturday, October 19, 2013

Burglars Mark Area with Cable Ties

Saffron Walden Weekly News [Essex, UK]
16 October 2013


A rise in cable tie ‘markers’ and door-to-door sellers have been worrying Newport residents after two burglaries took place in the village last week. […]

On a closed Facebook group for local petowners just days before the first burglary, a member sent a message out saying that white tape had been found on lampposts on Frambury Lane and asked people to remove any they saw.

The member wrote that she believed it was “gangs going around stealing dogs for fighting.”

The post led to a wide discussion about mysterious activity that had been taking place in the village, including strangers asking questions about property and pets.

Some residents said on the group that they had been approached by Irish men asking strange questions.

A number of cable ties and tape were found around the area on trees, posts and gates, according to the Facebook group users who said they began removing the markers and calling the police about their concerns. […]