Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sleepers Will Die (India)

India Today
23 August 2012

By A Srinivasa Rao


At a time when rumours of attacks have triggered large scale exodus of North-Easterners from different parts of the country to their home states, a mischievous phone call kept thousands of people in several districts of Andhra Pradesh awake on Wednesday night.

The rumour was that anyone who slept in the night would die in their sleep and never wake up the next morning. This bizarre incident was witnessed not only in the rural parts of Anantapur, Nizamabad, Kurnool, Mahbubnagar, Medak and Ranga Reddy, but also in Old City of Hyderabad, where people came out of their houses and spent the whole night on the streets discussing about the mysterious phone call that forced them to undergo a sleepless night. [...] [Cambridge, MA]
23 August 2012

By Mohd. Ismail Khan,

Hyderabad: Rumor rampage ones again stole away the sleep of Muslims in Hyderabad. Yesterday night when a rumor of girl born with ‘four hands and four legs’ and an illogical prediction made by her spread like a wild a fire in old city. According to the rumors a baby girl in Shaheen nagar area in the suburb of the city was born with pecuniary [sic -- bc] features, started speaking and gave a warning that every child from 1 to 11 years of age will die if he or she slept before 2:a.m in the night. [...]

The Hindu [India]
24 August 2012

Asif Yar Khan

Panic prevailed in parts of the old city on Wednesday night after a rumour of possible death of children if they sleep in night started making rounds. Anxious parents woke up their children and rushed out of their houses to prevent them from sleeping. [...]

Carried away by the rumours a large crowd gathered near the St. Ann’s hospital, popularly known as ‘Gudi-ka-dawakhana’ in Jahanuma, after rumours of the girl who predicted it being admitted here. Driven by curiosity, hundreds of people gathered here leading to tension in the area. The handful of policemen who reached here faced tough time dispersing the public.
Deccan Chronicle [India]
24 August 2012
By Mohammed Shareef M.P.
Khaleej Times
25 August 2012
P S Jayaram

IBN Live [India]
27 August 2012

S Kaththasami | ENS

Rumours about a bad omen befalling new born babies prompted several parents to break coconuts at different places in the knit city of Tirupur on Friday hoping to ward off evil. [...]