Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Henna Use Leads to Infections, Death (India)


Outlook India
20 August 2012


A girl who applied mehendi on her hand on the occasion of Ramzan fainted on being told by some persons that she would get skin allergy and was hospitalised, where doctors dispelled her fears. [...]



Posted by P Rajeshwari on August 21, 2012 in Chennai

Chennai, Aug 21 (TruthDive): The exodus of the N-E people that was undoubtedly caused by rumour-mongers who want to create panic in the minds of the people has not yet healed that, Muslim women and children in large numbers rushed to hospitals on Eid eve after rumors were spread that two women lost their lives after applying mehendhi on their hands and a girl lost her limbs. However police are looking for the person who sent a text message that went viral on Monday night. [...]


IBN Live [India]
21 August 2012

[...] Hundreds of women thronged various hospitals in Chennai, Vellore, Coimbatore and many other places in the State in the wee hours of Monday after rumours spread that mehendi, which they applied on their body on the festival day, has led to the death of two persons in Bangalore. [...]


IBN Live [India]
21 August 2012

The mehendi rumours that did the rounds on Sunday night left scores of women thronging government hospitals across the State. [...]


Times of India
21 August 2012

CHENNAI: Hundreds of Muslim women and children flocked to hospitals late on Eid eve after rumours spread that two women had died after applying mehendi on their hands and a girl had lost her limbs. Police are on the lookout for the person, who sent a text message that went viral on Monday night

Muslim women wear mehendi during Eid. Several government hospitals received women and children with mehendi on their hands, with complaints of itching and irritation after they heard the rumours. Doctors said many of them were because of psychological reasons.

The mischievous text went like this: "A girl applied Mehandi (sic) called red cone ... her hands and legs got infected, so doctors suggested to cut off her hands and legs..." Police and doctors said the message was totally baseless and intended to create panic among people. [...]


The Hindu [India]

20 August 2012

S. Vijay Kumar
Arita Sarkar

[...] “The message actually emanated from Facebook and spread via chain-mails and SMS. It stated that a girl who used one particular brand of cone mehndi had developed serious skin allergy, which resulted in her death. There was another SMS which said four people had died in Bangalore. This is completely baseless…we have identified one mobile number involved in the rumour. The Cyber Crime Police have been entrusted with the probe,” a top police official told The Hindu. [...]