Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gun Owners' Cars Marked by Thieves

National Skeet Shooting Association/National Sporting Clays Association
15 January 2012

NSC Response To Rumors About Gun Thefts

[...] Many reports indicate that gangs are targeting the NSC parking lot, marking tires or placing stickers on license plates so they can later be identified by thieves. At a shoot last June, we and a commissioned officer investigated reports of marked vehicles and found no validity. There was no pattern or consistency among the marks that were identified to us, and we found that all the questionable marks reported to us were left there by manufacturers, tire services, or rental car companies. In fact, most marks were so worn or well covered that they could not have occurred in the parking lot. [...]

Corpus Christi Caller Times [TX]
26 January 2012

Debunking a hoax aimed at gun owners
Urban legend involves gang members stealing guns from vehicles

By David Sikes

CORPUS CHRISTI -- Several variations of an email alert urging gun owners to be aware of a clever burglary ploy by street gangs has sent folks crawling around their vehicles searching for discreet tags put there by gang members.

One gentleman told me he tried in vain to scrape off the red or yellow dot on one of his tires and now plans to paint over it.

Chances are the absent dot will confuse the next tire technician he encounters. Turns out the colored dots are put there by tire manufacturers mainly to help installers with balancing. [...]