Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Earthquake Will Turn People To Stone (India)


The Pioneer [India]
4 January 2012

Fear of turning into stone keeps Lucknow awake

Preetam Srivastava

People in several parts of Uttar Pradesh spent a sleepless night on Monday and police remained on high alert as a rumour that those who slept would turn into stone spread like wildfire. [...]


Hindustan Times
4 January 2012

SMS gives many in UP a sleepless night
Press Trust Of India

Lucknow -- An sms that people who doze off will be turned to stones and a temblor is going to rock the state gave many in Uttar Pradesh a sleepless night, police said today. [...]


Times of India
4 January 2012

Rumours force people to flee homes

KANPUR: Rumours on Monday night that a major earthquake may occur and those sleeping would be transformed into stones, besides several villages in bordering district of Unnao caving in, forced the people to run out on the streets. [...]

Times of India
4 January 2012
Tremor rumour keeps Lucknow awake