Thursday, October 20, 2011

U.S Navy Researches Rumors

San Francisco Chronicle
14 October 2011

Researchers help U.S. military track, defuse rumors

Nanette Asimov, Chronicle Staff Writer

[...] [T]he U.S. Navy is paying $1.6 million to San Francisco State University Professor Daniel Bernardi and three Arizona researchers to track, collect and find ways to defuse stories used as weapons. [...]

The U.S. military fails to systematically track rumors, Bernardi said.

To do it right, he'll employ an ethnographic team - people who study cultures - to evaluate the threat of individual rumors, an engineering team to build the rumor database, and analysts to do what analysts do. Finally, a "countermeasures team" will "develop targeted counter-narratives that speak directly to the cultural and religious traditions of relevant populations," Bernardi said. [...]