Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tickets from a Burglar

Harry Hershfield, Laugh Louder Live Longer (New York: Gramercy Publishing Company, 1959), pp. 162-3.

In their mail came two tickets for a hit-show. It was anonymously sent. The husband and wife tried to figure out as to who sent them. They called up all their friends, but they denied sending them. The husband then reported the situation to the box-office of the theatre. And was told: "If there has been a mistake in mailing them to you, the real owners of the tickets will also tell us about it. But if nobody reports by 8:15, then you have a legitimate right to use them." On that night, they waited in the lobby of the theatre, but still wondering to themselves: "I wonder who sent them to us?" All through the show, which they were now seeing, they still wondered: "From whom -- from whom?" After the show, and after a bite, they arrived home. Their place was a shambles, drawers scattered all over the place -- were completely burglarized. And on the table was a note, reading: "NOW YOU KNOW FROM WHOM."