Friday, February 11, 2011

Mexican Gangs Robbing Walmart Shoppers

The Charlotte Observer [NC]
11 February 2011

Attention shoppers: That e-mail is a hoax

Staff Writer

RALEIGH Rumors spread by e-mail can be like gnats: When you try to swat them away, more seem to appear.

Raleigh police have been swatting all week, trying to quell an e-mail hoax that "gangs from Mexico" have been robbing shoppers by gunpoint in Walmart parking lots across Raleigh. [...]

[...] To many, the e-mail messages apparently seemed plausible. The original note, signed by a woman named Linda McDaniel, described a church friend's robbery at gunpoint at a Walmart on New Hope Church Road. She then shared more information and tips from the Raleigh police officer who allegedly responded.

In the hoax, the writer describes more than 100 such robberies at a single Walmart in Raleigh and dozens more at another location. She said police didn't alert people because that "would be racial profiling." [...]