Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vulture Is a Mossad Spy

Haaretz [Israel]
4 January 2011

Saudi Arabia 'nabbed Israeli-tagged vulture for being Mossad spy'

Vulture used as part of bird migration research was reportedly captured in rural area of Saudi Arabia.

By Haaretz Service

A vulture tagged by scientists at Tel Aviv University has strayed into Saudi Arabian territory, where it was promptly arrested on suspicion of being a Mossad spy, Israeli and Saudi media reported Tuesday. [...]

Emirates 24/7 [Dubai]
9 January 2011

Saudis to free Israeli vulture

By Staff

Saudi Arabia intends to free an Israeli vulture captured by a local hunter this week on the grounds it has nothing to do with espionage, the head of the Gulf kingdom’s wildlife agency was quoted on Sunday as saying.

Prince Bandar bin Saud Al Saud said tests showed the vulture is a “bald eagle” which was fitted with systems for pure scientific purposes.

“The reports that this bird is equipped with Israeli spy systems arsenal are incorrect…the system tied to its feet is traceable by satellites to know birds’ emigration movements and how they feed with the aim of conducting scientific research on these birds,” he said, quoted by local newspapers. [...]