Friday, January 7, 2011

Don Tyson's Cadillac

The Washington Post Magazine
July 12, 1992

An Arkansas State of Mind

By James Morgan

[...] Don Tyson -- This bantam-sized chicken magnate, provider of the much-maligned free airplane rides and accused polluter extraordinaire of the White River in northwest Arkansas, runs Tyson Foods, the state's largest private employer, from an egg-shaped office in the company headquarters in Springdale. [...] If you come to Arkansas, it won't be long before somebody tells you The Don Tyson Story, which goes like this: One day his wife saw his expensive new Cadillac convertible parked out in front of some other woman's house. The wife called a cement company and had a truck come over and fill his car with concrete. Everyone who tells the story swears they know somebody who saw the whole thing. When I called Tyson headquarters and asked the company PR man if this story is true, he chuckled wearily and said he'd been hearing the same story for 20 years. He assured me it's apocryphal. " [...]
The Washington Post
7 January 2011
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By T. Rees Shapiro