Friday, May 7, 2010

Reservoir Drugs

Andy Roberts, "Reservoir Drugs. Are the CIA spiking your water supply?" Fortean Times 262, May 2010.

[...] But of all the fortean fables associated with acid the ‘LSD in the water supply’ urban legend is by far the most potent and long-lived. And, unlike the rest of them, this one has at least some basis in reality. The legend comes in many forms, but the basic premise is that various individuals and groups, invariably framed by the media as political or psychedelic terrorists, have conspired to introduce LSD into the water supply, usually by dumping huge quantities in reservoirs. Society’s fear is that the dramatic effect of LSD on the masses will result in a disoriented and incapacitated population who are rich pickings for invasion, mind control or involuntary use in a demonstration of the drug’s power over ‘straight’ society by enemies of the state.

Over the past 50 years, the legend has manifested often, appearing in newspapers, magazines, books, films and TV shows. The idea sounds vaguely plausible – but is it? Has it ever happened, and, if not, just how did the story grow into an urban legend? [...]