Friday, May 7, 2010

Piranha Escape After Tennesse Flood

CMT News
5 May 2010

Piranha Reported Loose at Opry Mills Mall

A pair of piranha reportedly escaped from their aquarium during Nashville's recent flood. According to police reports quoted by television station WKRN, at least two flesh-eating piranha slipped out of the huge 150,000-gallon tank at Aquarium Restaurant in the Opry Mills mall and are swimming in the flooded hallways, where water remains waist-deep to neck-deep in spots. Piranha are freshwater fish, native to South America.
The Tennessean
5 May 2010
Nashville Aquarium Restaurant: No piranha loose; most fish OK

The Tennessean
6 May 2010

Opry Mills still closed; piranha escape reports false

By Bonna Johnson • THE TENNESSEAN

The Opry Mills shopping center, known for its Bass Pro Shops and Rainforest Café, remains closed because of flooding. Reports that dangerous piranha escaped from the Aquarium Restaurant at the mall are not true, restaurant officials said. [...]