Monday, January 18, 2010

Earthquake Panic (Ghana)

BBC News [UK]
18 January 2010

Ghana text hoax predicting earthquake prompts panic

["Today's night 12:30 to 3:30am COSMO RAYS entering earth from Mars. Switch off ur mobiles today's night.?NASA BBC NEWS ? Plz pass to all ur friends." This text message was interpreted by many Ghanaians as a warning against an impending earthquake. See also this earlier item from India.]
Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
18 January 2010
Earthquake rumour spread throughout Ghana
18 January 2010
Earthquake rumour shakes Brong-Ahafo Region
The Daily Graphic [Ghana]
19 January 2010
Quake Hoax - Nation Forced To Keep Vigil
19 January 2010
A tale of all-night long in Ghana
By Stephen Yeboah

The Statesman [Ghana]
18 January 2010

Koforidua not left out of earthquake scare

Ghana News Agency

[...] A trader, Adwoa Afriyie, told GNA that she had information around 2300 hours from her daughter at Aburi Presbyterian Training College that disaster was looming so all should switch off their mobile phones.

She said she quickly switched off her mobile phone but around 02.00 hours she heard noisy people moving from their rooms and she came out only to be told there was a looming earthquake therefore people should run to safety. [...]
Ghana News Agency
3 February 2010
The text message that robbed Ghanaians of sleep
by Nana Kodjo Jehu-Appiah