Saturday, July 25, 2009

St. Joseph Statues

[Some "rules" must be followed; others can be tinkered with to achieve success.]

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
24 July 2009

Some home flippers seek aid by flipping St. Joseph on his head

By William Loeffler, TRIBUNE-REVIEW

[...] But Linda Roche of Bethel Park says buying a statue is against the rules.

"Somebody has to give it to you," she says. "You can't go out and buy it yourself."

Her godmother gave her a 3-inch St. Joseph figurine in 2002 when they put their home in Overbrook on the market.

"She told us to put it in a plastic bag and bury it upside down by the 'for sale' sign," Roche says.

When four days went by without a firm offer, Roche dug him up, removed the plastic bag and reburied him near the front door, with his head and shoulders sticking out of the ground.

"I figured his head should be sticking out to look at the person as they entered the front door," she says.

They sold their home the same day. [...]