Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Neil Armstrong: "Congratulations, Mr. Lipinski"


Psychology Today
14 July 2009

Sex at Dawn [Blog]

By Christopher Ryan

On Oral Sex and the Moonshot
Forty years ago, the kid next door went to the moon

[...] At one point during the 21 hours he and Buzz were dancing around on the moon, Armstrong reportedly said something like, "Congratulations Mr. Lipinski." Nobody knew what he meant. The engineers down in Texas asked him but he just ignored them. For years afterward, on the rare occasions when he spoke publicly, people asked Armstrong about the mysterious Mr. Lipinsky comment. He never addressed the question.

Then, a few years ago, when someone asked him about the comment again, Armstrong said, "Well, I hear that Mr. and Mrs. Lipinsky are no longer alive, so I suppose I can tell the story now."

Apparently, when Neil Armstrong was a little boy, he went into his neighbor's yard to get a baseball that had gone over the fence. When he was picking up his baseball, he heard the neighbors arguing in their bedroom. He heard Mrs. Lipinsky say to Mr. Lipinsky, "Oral sex? You want oral sex? I'll give you oral sex when the boy next door walks on the moon!"

They should have let Buzz go first. [...]