Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stella Awards Editorial (Lebanon Daily News)


Lebanon Daily News [PA]
6 June 2009

Sad but true

We can’t begin to describe what you’re about to read. It could fall into the category of “what were they thinking,” but that language isn’t nearly strong enough. We don’t know if language has been invented yet to describe the wrongness to which we are about to subject you. [...]

[The editorial goes on to describe some infamous lawsuits that appear on a website dedicated to the "Stella Awards." Two days later, the paper apologizes for its gullibility.]


Lebanon Daily News [PA]
8 June 2009

We fell for it

[...] Jury madness is something that pushes our buttons; always has. So when we received what we thought were other egregious examples of juries gone wild, we ran with it before we stopped to vet the information. We saw red, brought our level of righteous indignation to the boiling point and fired off a lament against the legal system that had virtually no basis in reality. [...]