Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ed McMahon's Mug


The Free-Lance Star [Fredericksburg, VA]
22 May 1992, p. D6

New horizons for second banana No. 1

By Paul Lomartire
Associated Press Writer

[For 30 years as the sidekick on "The Tonight Show," Ed McMahon would sit in a chair next to Johnny Carson's desk and laugh uproariously at the host's wisecracks, pausing occasionally to sip iced tea from a stoneware mug. That mug, Lomartire writes, was "part of the Ed-the-jovial-Irish-drunk legend created and milked by Carson."]

[...] "That's been kind of a running gag, 'What's in Ed's cup?'," [McMahon] says. "People would take a drink and feign it was loaded with booze and they'd almost collapse, gag or choke or some people would drink it all the way down like they liked it." [...]


Washington Post
23 June 2009

Celebritology [Blog]

When I Met Ed McMahon

By Liz Kelly

[Sometime in 1991 Liz Kelly met Ed McMahon backstage at "The Tonight Show" the night her father was a guest. She describes McMahon as being "florid, merry and smelling a bit... spirited."]

[...] We were giddily riding back to the hotel in our NBC-provided limo when dad said that during a commercial break he'd accidentally picked up McMahon's coffee mug for a sip of water, only to discover it was filled with whiskey.

Apocryphal or on the level? Since both dad and McMahon are now dead, we likely won't know. But it does make a good story.