Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Liberia's Water Supply Threatened

25 February 2009

Blood Water: Liberia Narrowly Avoids the First Plague

[Myles Estey, a media trainer in Monrovia, Liberia, reports on his blog about rumors that "all the country's water supplies would turn to blood by morning, though other variations claimed the water would become bitter, or perhaps dry up."]

The Liberian Times
25 February 2009

Liberia: Rumor scars Liberians of potential water shortage, citizens brave the night for water

by Michael Kpayili / Staff Writer

[The Government's Information Minister denies there is a water shortage. Widespread queuing for water may have been caused by rumors that a prophet declared that "all drinking water in Liberia would be contaminated for three days." A devastating caterpillar outbreak that has polluted drinking supplies in Liberia may be the basis for such worries.]

National Geographic News

Daily Observer [Monrovia, Liberia]
26 February 2009

Liberia and the Liberians with another prophecy

Sando Moore