Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Jack Aspinwall, compiler, Tell Me Another! (London: Century, 1986), p. 17.

Geoffrey Dickens, JP, MP

A very ugly woman asked me for an autograph at a summer fĂȘte I had opened. Certainly -- if you care to drop me a note at the House of Commons I will be delighted to send you a photograph, I volunteered. Four weeks later a charming letter arrived from that lady and after her signature she had bravely written Horseface in brackets. Filled with admiration for the way in which she had come to terms with her repulsive looks, I entered into the spirit of things. With a felt-tipped pen I wrote on the photograph 'To My Dear Friend Horseface -- Love and Best Wishes, Geoffrey Dickens.' After it was safely in the post and on the way to my courageous constituent, my secretary informed me that she had been extremely helpful in writing Horseface after her name in case I had forgotten the lady in question.

[An anecdote also told of or by Winston Churchill, Michael Portillo, and Clement Freud, among others. -- bc]