Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Folklore Forum

Folklore Forum, volumes 1-35 (1968-2004), are now available for free viewing on-line. See

Some articles involving contemporary legends:
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Rosan Jordan de Caro, 1970. "Sex Education and the Horrible Example Stories." Folklore Forum 3(5/6):124-7.
William Hugh Jansen, 1973. "The Surpriser Surprised: A Modern Legend." Folklore Forum 6(1):1-24.
Janet Dressler, 1975. "Exempla Usage in Catholic Parochial Schools." Folklore Forum 8(4):130-41.
Jean-Bruno Renard, 1991. "LSD Tattoo Transfers: Rumor from North America to France." Folklore Forum 24(2):2-26.