Friday, December 14, 2007

Dog Bites Penis Stuck Through Fence Hole,25197,22925782-12335,00.html

The Australian
14 December 2007

Puppy latches on to urinating man's member

By staff writers

A DRUNKEN man urinating through a fence got a nasty surprise when a playful puppy in the adjoining lot latched onto his member. Kann Veasna took a break from drinking wine at a street stall to relieve himself through a hole in a fence, according to news agency DPA. [...]

[Compare this report to the folk cartoon of a boy who sticks his penis through a hole in a wooden fence and gets it bitten by a goose. See Alan Dundes & Carl Pagter, Never Try To Teach a Pig To Sing (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1991), 378-81; J. M. Elgart, Over Sexteen (NY: Grayson Publishing, 1951), 27. -- bc]

Gershon Legman, More Limericks (New York: Bell Publishing, 1980), p. 415.

A knot hole he happened to see,
So he stuck his dink through it to pee.
Then he gave a loud yell:
"Whoop! Damnation!! Hell!!!"
(On that side of the fence was a bee.)

[From 1888.]