Saturday, November 17, 2007

Human Ashes Spread at Disneyland

Mice Age [blog by Al Lutz]
13 November 2007

A Pirate's (After) Life For Me

Speaking of vandalism, there's been a growing list of incidents perpetrated on attractions at Disneyland that are not only illegal but that are increasingly, well... let's just say disturbing. The big problem isn't graffiti or hot-to-trot teens in a back row, it's park visitors smuggling in the cremated remains of their loved ones and then spreading the ashes inside a favorite attraction. [...],0,5347524.story?coll=la-home-center

Los Angeles Times
14 November 2007

From ashes to ashes, at Disneyland

Surreptitious scattering of people's remains at parks, golf courses and other unusual posts may be growing.

By Kimi Yoshino, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

ABC News
16 November 2007

Disney Disputes Pirate Ride Ash Scattering

Police, Disney Staff Found No Evidence of Human Remains on Popular Pirates Attraction