Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Candy (Update #2),0,7536522.story?coll=kwgn-home-2

KWGN-TV [Greenwood Village, CO]
3 November 2007

Needle found in Halloween candy

Boy's treat turns out to have a nasty trick inside

by Laura Main, News2

LITTLETON (KWGN) — A Halloween treat turned tricky for 11-year-old Tommy de la Cruz of Littleton when, he said, he found a needle hidden inside a fun size Milky Way bar he got while trick or treating. [...]

The Times [Munster, IN]
2 Nov 2007

Mom reports tainted Halloween candy


[An unidentified Valparaiso-area woman notified the police that "her daughter found a small blue pill with C-5 imprinted on it -- a pill later determined to be the antihistamine Clarinex -- inside a box of Graveyard Goodies candy."] [London, ON, Canada]
3 November 2007

Possible acetaminophen pill found among child's Halloween candy

London police are reminding parents to check their children's Halloween candy after a small, white pill was discovered in one child's bag of chips. [...]