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Tampered Treats (Halloween 2017)

Daily Mail [UK]
27 October 2017

New Jersey warns parents about marijuana-laced CANDY being slipped to their children this Halloween while trick-or-treating

Associated Press

New Jersey is warning parents to look out for people slipping their kids marijuana-laced candy while trick-or-treating. But with no apparent evidence that's ever happened, advocates for legalizing the drug say it's nothing more than a Halloween scare tactic. […]

WTMJ-TV [Milwaukee, WI]
28 October 2017

Area police departments issue reports of tampered Halloween candy

[…] The Randolph Police Department took a report of a child receiving candy that was tampered with during trick or treating between 3 and 5 p.m. in the Dodge County village.

Police say a child received a Now and Later hard candy that was believed to have been soaked in motor oil or some other foreign substance. […]

WITI-TV [Milwaukee, WI]
29 October 2017

Randolph police: Now and Later candy not tampered with, after report it was soaked in motor oil

[…] In an update, police said an investigation allowed officers to locate the residence where the Now and Later candy was handed out during Trick or Treat on Saturday, and a person at that home confirmed they had given out this brand of candy.

Police said “we are confident” nothing was done by anyone at this home to tamper with or contaminate this candy with any foreign substance.

The location where this candy was purchased was also identified, and police said follow-up investigation is underway to identify what, if any, foreign substance was placed on the candy. […]

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel [WI]
29 October 2017

Police investigate potential candy tampering during trick-or-treating in Oconomowoc

CITY OF OCONOMOWOC - Police are investigating a report of suspicious candy given out during trick-or-treat on Saturday, Oct 28.

Nicholas Goeman and his family were trick-or-treating when a woman allegedly approached them, giving out individual Tootsie Rolls.

"The lady went up to my 3-year-old and asked, 'Do you want a Tootsie Roll?' She dropped it in the bucket," Goeman said.

Goeman said he felt uneasy about the candy, and when he unwrapped the Tootsie Roll, it was super sticky. 

"I said to my wife, something wasn't right," he said.

Goeman said he handed it over to a firefighter he knew. According to Goeman, the firefighter called him later and said he sliced open the candy and found a pill. Goeman said the firefighter was handing out trick-or-treat candy at the time.

"I guess somehow or someway, the firefighter lost it," Goeman said. […]

Menominee Tribal Police Department [WI]
30 October 2017

On Monday, October 30, 2017, the Menominee Tribal Police Department received a complaint of a suspicious package located in a child's Halloween Candy. A small yellow Ziploc type baggy containing crystalline powder was located. The crystalline powder tested positive for methamphetamine a.k.a (Meth).

The parent reported the children Trick or Treated in the Keshena area on the Menominee Indian Reservation.

WFTS-TV [Tampa Bay, FL]
30 October 2017

Report: Prescription pill found in local 3-year-old's Halloween candy

RIVERVIEW, Fla. - The Riverview Chamber of Commerce has confirmed that a local mother filed a report stating that a prescription pill was found in her 3-year-old's Halloween candy.

The Chamber says that the mother reportedly found a Tramadol pill loosely in her son's bag after attending their Trick or Treat Street event on Saturday. […]

WTIC-TV [Hartford, CT]
2 November 2017

Self-proclaimed ‘Halloween lunatic’ of North Haven posts bail

A North Haven man accused of making disturbing claims over social media that Halloween Candy will be poisoned appeared in Meriden Superior Court Wednesday.

During the arraignment for 54-year-old Ronald Przybylo, state prosecutors argued he is a safety risk to the public, while his lawyer told the judge he will be seeking help with mental illness.

According to the police arrest warrant, Przybylo is the self-proclaimed “Halloween lunatic.”  Police began an investigation into his behavior after a concerned, anonymous citizen told police about a series of disturbing Facebook posts on his page.

Two of the posts in question were made on October 30th.  One read “This Halloween, will be fun.  Candy, filled with rat poison.  The kids love it just as I love it! Happy Halloween,” according to the arrest warrant.

Another post police list in the warrant read, “They will come begging me for mercy, asking ME, why they should live? Ask your fake God.  Since He’s NOT REALL!!!!!!  50 in Vegas is nothing.  My party is hell for you.  And your skin will burn! Lucifer rules and rocks and rolls…” […]

Duluth News Tribune [MN]
31 October 2017

Proctor woman finds pins in Snickers bar

Candy Ellestad took one bite of the Snickers bar, and along with the expected caramel, peanuts and milk chocolate felt metal in her mouth.

“I moved my tongue around, and I started to pull the pins out of my mouth,” the Proctor woman said on Tuesday.

Eventually, Ellestad discovered eight or nine pins, or tiny nails, that she removed either from her mouth or from the uneaten portion of the “fun size” candy bar. […]

Bathurst Police Force [NB]
31 October 2017

The Bathurst Police Force would like to warn the public of a complaint of someone finding a nail in a candy bar that was picked up during trick or treating. The candy was gathered from the Parkwood Heights area although an exact address is unknown. […]

Havre de Grace Police Department [MD]
31 October 2017

Please look over your children's candy, this piece of Kahlua candy was found by parents in Havre de Grace. They believe it is adult candy with alcohol inside, they were unable to determine who gave it out but it came from the Bulle Rock neighborhood. […]

Newcastle Herald [Australia]
1 November 2017

Police investigating after youngster reportedly handed drugs at Blackalls Park while trick-or-treating

LAKE Macquarie police are investigating after a child was handed what appears to be prescription medication while trick-or-treating on Tuesday night.

Parent Ellouise Hawes said on Facebook her daughter was handed a sealed plastic bag containing capsules during Halloween festivities at Blackalls Park. […]

WVNS-TV [Ghent, WV]
1 November 2017

Police: Heroin Found in Child's Trick-or-Treat Bag in Oak Hill

OAK HILL, WV (WVNS) - An investigation is underway in Fayette County after heroin was found in a child's trick-or-treat bag. […]

Investigators performed a field test on the drug, and preliminary results revealed it was heroin. Police said they will send the substance to the State Police Crime Lab in Charleston for official confirmation. […]

WSAZ-TV [Huntington, WV]
2 November 2017

UPDATE: Police say marijuana found in trick-or-treat bag, not heroin after lab test

OAK HILL, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Oak Hill Police say the substance found Tuesday night in a trick-or-treat bag is marijuana, not heroin like what was originally reported. […]

KIVI-TV [Nampa, ID]
1 November 2017

Suspected pot found in Nampa child's Halloween bag

NAMPA, ID - A Nampa mother reported to the Nampa Police Department Tuesday night that her 6-year-old son had been given a small bag of marijuana while out trick-or-treating. She reported that she had been going through his candy bag and found the small plastic baggie that appeared to contain marijuana. She brought the baggie to the Nampa Police Department and turned it over to officers.  

Nampa Police field tested the substance found in the candy bag and it indeed tested “presumptively positive” for marijuana, said Nampa Police Sgt. Tim Riha. […]

Global News [Canada]
1 November 2017

N.B. police warn parents after needle, nail found in Halloween candy

[…] The Fredericton Police Force says a parent found a needle in a chocolate bar after the family had gone trick-or-treating on the north side. […]

1 November 2017

UPDATE: Needles found in Arcadia Halloween candy

ARCADIA, Wis. (WEAU) -- Sewing needles were found inside two different pieces of Halloween candy brought home by a child in Arcadia Tuesday night.

“We received a phone call from a concerned parent. He called me and stated that his child had gone through their candy and had started to eat it and when they had bitten into it they had seen in the Kit Kat that there was a needle in it,” says Arcadia Police Chief, Diana Anderson.

“In the meantime they had gone through some other candy in his bag and had found a second item that was a Laffy Taffy type of a substance that had a second needle in it as well,” says Anderson. […]

1 November 2017

Police: nail found in candy bars in Neenah

NEENAH, Wis. (WBAY) - Police say a mother found nails in some of her son's Halloween candy following trick-or-treating in Neenah.

At 7 p.m., officers were called to the 400 block of S. Lake Street. They met with a mother and child.

The mother said the 11-year-old boy had returned from trick-or-treating and she inspected his candy. She found nails in three Kit Kat candy bars, police say. […]

Metro [UK]
1 November 2017

Boy finds needle in Mars Bar given to little brother while trick or treating

A schoolboy was horrified after he reportedly discovered a needle inside a Mars bar his little brother was given on Halloween.

The 12-year-old found the sharp two-inch object after pulling the chocolate bar out of its wrapper on a bus this morning.

He had been handed the chocolate by his younger sibling – who had been out trick or treating – as he left the house in Dorchester, Dorset. […]

CBC News [Canada]
1 November 2017

West Nipissing Police say sleep aids found in Halloween bag
No malicious intent say police

A sample pack of over-the-counter sleep aids were found in one Halloween bag last night in Sturgeon Falls.

West Nipissing Police Chief Chuck Seguin says the origin of the package is unknown but it could have been picked up somewhere south of Front Street.

Seguin says the call came in from a parent and nobody ingested the pills.

No malicious intent is suspected said Seguin.

"It could be a mistake on the kitchen counter in a home. It could be something that happened in a factory. We just want the community to be aware that this happened," said Seguin. […]

MV Times [Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.]
31 October 2017

Oak Bluffs Police warn of prescription medicine mixed with Halloween candy

On Tuesday night, the Oak Bluffs Police Dept. issued a bulletin on their Facebook page warning that Halloween candy must be examined thoroughly, after a parent reported finding a loose prescription pill in with their child’s candy. […]

BBC News [UK]
1 November 2017

Pembroke mum's 'disgust' at trick or treat drugs

A mother has been left "disgusted" after her child was given unknown drugs while out trick or treating in Pembrokeshire.

Rhian Lloyd said her child was out with her friends in The Green area of Pembroke on Halloween when the tablets were placed in their sweet bags. […]

WVIT-HD [West Hartford, CT]
1 November 2017

Toddler Injured By Tainted Halloween Candy in Groton

City of Groton police are looking into a report of candy that had possibly been tampered with that was handed out to a toddler on Halloween Tuesday night.

A mother called police to say her 1-year-old child suffered a finger injury while handling the candy. The child was taken to a medical facility. Stitches were not required but the child's skin had to be glued together, according to Groton police.

The mother reported the incident to police at 10 p.m. Tuesday.

“(The mom) went into the candy bag and found some item of some kind – we’re not sure exactly what – kind of lodged into one of the candies,” said Lt. Eric Jenkins.

Jenkins said the mom inadvertently misplaced that piece of candy, but investigators found a second piece of candy in the family's candy bag with a piece of thin metal hidden in the wrapper of a "fun size" Snickers bar.

“Thinner than, let’s say, a razor blade. It’s very thin. Probably a half inch long. But it’s a piece of metal,” Jenkins said. […]

WPVI-TV [Philadelphia, PA]
1 November 2017

Needle found in NJ trick-or-treater's Tootsie Roll

RUNNEMEDE, N.J. (WPVI) -- Charlene Wagoner wants her neighbors to be warned. Last night, her 12-year-old daughter, Lilyana, discovered a two-inch sewing needle inside a tootsie roll. […]

KATU-TV [Portland, OR]
1 November 2017

Beaverton woman finds blade in her daughter's Halloween candy haul

BEAVERTON, Ore. (KATU) — Washington County Sheriff's deputies are investigating after a woman said she found a loose blade inside her daughter's Halloween candy haul.

"I never in a million years would have thought it would happen to us," said Tiffany Beehler.

Her 13-year-old daughter told her she found a loose blade inside a packaged candy bar, possibly from a pencil sharpener. […]

Global News [Canada]
1 November 2017

London police investigating report of needle found in small chocolate bar

Parents are being reminded to inspect all of their children’s Halloween candy as police investigate a report that a needle was found in a small chocolate bar collected by a child while trick-or-treating in south London [Ontario] on Tuesday. […]

Mlive [Michigan]
1 November 2017

Needles found in piece of Halloween candy in Flushing, police say

FLUSHING, MI - Two needles were allegedly found in a piece of candy handed out of Halloween in Flushing, according to police.

The department received a report on Wednesday, Nov. 1, of food tampering from a resident that went trick-or-treating with their children in the Primrose and Windy Bluff neighborhoods west of Seymour Road.

"On November 1, one of the children bit into a Tootsie Roll obtained from the trick-or-treating and found two needles embedded within the candy," reads a statement from the Flushing Police Department. "The child was not injured."

The small sewing-type needles were inside of a full-sized Tootsie Roll that was wrapped when received by the 10-year-old child. […]

Guelph Mercury Tribune [ON]
1 November 2017

Shelburne woman’s discovery ‘highlights’ need for parents to check children’s Halloween candy

Shelburne’s police chief says a woman’s discovery of a small unwrapped green pill in her child’s candy “highlights” the need for parents to look through their kids’ loot from Halloween night. […] Shelburne’s police chief Kent Moore reports the pill is believed to be a herbal supplement or vitamin. Police are still working towards confirming that. […]

Journal Pioneer [Summerside, P.E.I.]
1 November 2017

Tampering no longer suspected

SUMMERSIDE – There might not have been an incident of Halloween treat tampering in Summerside after all.

Summerside Police Services sent out an advisory Tuesday evening urging parents to scrutinize their children’s treats. That followed receipt of two complaints of treat tampering.

Wednesday afternoon police services issued a statement indicating that, after a followup investigation by its Major Crime Unit, police do not believe treats were intentionally tampered with, nor do they believe there was an attempt by anyone to harm trick-or-treaters.

Police do, however, maintain that parents should check their children’s treats, pointing out treats can become contaminated in ways other than by intentional acts.

The complaints came from two parents who had been trick-or-treating with their children between Central Street and Greenwood Drive area of the city. One parent reported finding some staples stuck in the outside of a mini chocolate bar wrapper and the other reported finding a torn chocolate bar wrapper.

The Post-Star [Glens Falls, NY]
1 November 2017

Family says pill was found with Halloween candy

GLENS FALLS — Justin Harris was shocked Tuesday night when he dumped his stepson's Halloween candy on the floor of his family's home and saw a little white pill among the delights.

The pill had the letter and numbers "U36" on it, which is the identifier for the pain reliever Tylenol mixed with the opioid codeine. […]

WNEP-TV [Moosic, PA]
1 November 2017

Tainted Candy Facebook Rumors Spread like Wildfire

NICHOLSON — Halloween night started with a Monster Mash on Main Street in Nicholson. It ended with rumors around the borough of tainted candy and reports of parents having tingly lips and feeling high after eating Milk Duds. […]

The Dalton Borough Police Department and the Wyoming County District Attorney’s Office both say nothing was found so far, and it appears it may have been just a rumor that spread like wildfire on social media. […]

KREM-TV [Spokane, WA]
1 November 2017

4 Omak HS students had anxiety attack, did not eat tainted candy

OMAK, Wash.— Omak School District officials said police have determined the candy that eaten by four Omak High School students was not tainted.

School officials said the incident turns out to be an anxiety attack on the part of one student that resonated with three others. They said all of the students involved have had medical exams and the candy tested revealed no identifiable contamination or foreign substance. […]

KXLY-TV [Spokane, WA]
1 November 2017

Odessa child finds t-pin in candy bar

ODESSA, Wash. - Odessa Police Department took to Facebook to warn parents to check their child's candy before they eat it.

An Odessa child found a t-pin in their Almond Joy candy bar after trick-or-treating Tuesday night. […]

North Wright County Today [Albertville, MN]
1 November 2017

BREAKING: Wright County Investigating Needle in Monticello Trick-or-Treat Candy

A Monticello man turned to social media Wednesday, Nov. 1 after searching through his child’s candy and finding a needle in a Tootsie Roll. […]

rdnewsNOW [Red Deer, Alberta]
1 November 2017

Penhold mom makes unusual, potentially dangerous find in kids' Halloween candy

[…] Penhold mom and former rdnewsNOW reporter Kirsten Dennis discovered what appeared to be two diabetes lancets while checking candy Tuesday night.

“Thankfully I dumped it on the ground and sorted it that way and no little hand reached in to grab a treat,” she said.

Sgt. Lori Eiler with Innisfail RCMP says the lancets found in the candy were unused and were not inserted directly into any pieces of candy. She says there’s no evidence showing this was a deliberate incident and that no other such incidents have been reported. […]

Chatham-Kent Police Service [Ontario]
1 November 2017

Needle Found in Halloween Candy

Last night at 5:30 p.m. police responded to an address on Alexandria Avenue in Chatham due to a complaint of a needle being found in a chocolate bar. The complainant had taken her children out trick or treating on Halloween within the area of Queen Street, Tweedsmuir Avenue, Lacroix Street and Park Avenue in Chatham. Last night while inspecting her children’s candy, she located a needle sticking out of a Snickers chocolate bar and contacted police immediately.

CTV News [Vancouver Island, BC]
2 November 2017

Victoria police admit warning about pot-laced gummies took 'too long'

[…] Officers were called to a home in the 100-block of Simcoe Street Tuesday night after a child's parents found a package of "Twisted Extracts Black Cherry Zzz Bomb" cannabis-infused gummies in their Halloween candy.

Investigators said occupants in the home seemed to be unaware they handed the candies out to children. […]

They said it did not appear to have been done maliciously because the person has limited vision and was "deeply apologetic" about the incident when officers spoke with them the next day. […]

Toronto Star
3 November 2017

Ontario girl, 11, hospitalized after eating Halloween candy that contained metal object

By The Canadian Press

CAMBRIDGE, ONT.—Police say an 11-year-old girl in southwestern Ontario has undergone surgery and remains in hospital after eating a piece of Halloween candy that contained a metal object.

Waterloo regional police say the girl, from the Cambridge, Ont.-area, ate a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup that contained the metal piece, the source of which remains under investigation.

They say the girl was first taken to a local hospital and later moved to a Hamilton hospital for surgery.

Police spokeswoman Cherri Greeno said Friday the girl’s condition is not considered life-threatening. […]

CTV News [Kitchener, ON]
8 November 2017

Girl who ate metal in Halloween chocolate out of hospital

A girl who ate a piece of Halloween chocolate containing metal is back home and recovering with her family.

The 11-year-old Cambridge girl was rushed to an out-of-town hospital last week after the metal in her Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup was discovered.

She underwent emergency surgery to remove the metal from her body.

Waterloo Regional Police said Tuesday that the girl had been released from hospital.

Police continue to investigate the source of the metal. The girl had been trick-or-treating around the Preston core. Hershey, which manufactures Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, has said it has protocols in place to ensure its products are not contaminated that way before they leave the factory.

The Herald-News [Joliet, IL]
1 November 2017

Case of tampered Halloween candy confirmed in Joliet

[…] Joliet Deputy Police Chief Ed Gregory said a woman’s granddaughter found a stick pin in her candy bar, which couldn’t be identified because the 9-year-old girl threw away the wrapper.

[…] There was another call from a residence in the 200 block of North Hickory where a parent called police for a candy bar that was cut in half and taped back together. Police found that the break was because of a packaging mishap through the candy’s manufacturer, so there was no tampering by another person.

Prince George Citizen [BC]
1 November 2017

Pencil sharpener blade found in Halloween candy

Prince George RCMP are urging trick or treaters to check their candy after receiving a report that a pencil sharpener blade was found in a small chocolate bar. […]

WGRZ-TV [Buffalo, NY]
1 November 2017

Metal pin found in piece of Halloween candy

CLARENCE, NY – A concerned parent notified authorities after a piece of metal was found lodged in a Nestle Crunch mini candy from trick-or-treating.

Detectives responded to the parent's Clarence home and saw a pin embedded in the candy bar and evidence that the wrapper had been compromised, according to the Erie County Sheriff's Office. […]

KWWL-TV [Waterloo, Iowa]
1 November 2017

Nail found in Kit Kat in northern Iowa

[…] Someone found a nail in their Kit Kat bar in West Bend, IA.

Police determined it was an isolated incident. […]

WBAY-TV [Green Bay, WI]
2 November 2017

Green Bay child finds needle in Halloween candy

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A child found a needle in a piece of Halloween candy collected in Green Bay, police say.

An 8-year-old girl was about to eat the peanut butter cup when the child "quickly realized that a needle was in it," police say. […]

This is the second report of a child finding a sharp object in candy. On Halloween, a child found three nails in candy bars collected during trick or treating in Neenah.

Neenah Police didn’t release any photos of the candy, citing investigation privacy, but say the wrappers were sealed and nails were sticking out of the wrappers.

Action 2 News tracked down the mother of the boy who found the candy. She did not want to be identified or speak on camera, but says the nails were large and rusty. She says the candy was collected between Adams Street, Western Avenue and Lake Street in Neenah – less than two miles from where a nail was found inside a piece of candy last year.

Omaha World-Herald [Nebraska]
2 November 2017

Bellevue parents 'in shock, disbelief' after 10-year-old son finds needle in Halloween candy bar

On Wednesday morning, Lucas Ady of Bellevue did what a lot of 10-year-olds do the day after Halloween: He bit into a chocolate bar he had acquired trick-or-treating the night before.

What happened next was something that usually does not occur: A needle inside the Twix bar grazed his cheek, according to his father. […] [ON]
2 November 2017

Barrie mom discovers pill inside child's Halloween candy

Barrie mom Samantha Lawrence called Barrie Police after finding what she believes is a white pill inside her child's Halloween candy.

She shared the shocking discovery on Facebook.

"This was found tonight in our child's Tootsie Fruit Chew," she wrote. "We checked the candy. This candy didn't look like it had been altered." […]

Bayshore Broadcasting [ON]
3 November 2017

(UPDATE) Tampered Halloween Candy
Melatonin pill found in Barrie boy's treat.

Health Canada has confirmed a pill found in a Barrie boy's Halloween candy was Melatonin, a sleep aid supplement. […] [ON]
1 November 2017

Pills found in Halloween candy in St. Catharines
Child trick or treating in the Western Hill area

ST. CATHARINES – Parents are being warned to check their children's Halloween haul after pills were discovered among a child's Halloween candy in St. Catharines.

At around 9:30 p.m., police were called to a home in the Western Hill area of the city. The officer spoke with a concerned parent who reported finding four prescription pills loose among their child's candy. The parent found the pills while inspecting the candy the child collected while out trick or treating.

The pills were found to be a prescription muscle relaxant, which can be used to treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis, which include muscle spasms, pain and stiffness. […]

CBC News [Canada]
2 November 2017

'It was crazy': 9-year-old finds needle lodged in Twix bar
"We broke it open and found a small sewing needle … and everybody was staring, it was crazy"

It was nine-year-old Emily Van Buel's quick thinking that she says saved the life of her best friend – who found a sewing needle lodged in one of her Halloween chocolate bars.

The pair was ready to chow down on handfuls of candy during lunch period at Sir Arthur Carty Catholic Elementary School [in London, ON] on Wednesday when Emily noticed her best friend didn't check her snack-sized Twix bar.

"She was just going to shove it in her mouth," said Emily, who regularly breaks open her candy bars to check for peanuts – as her younger sister is allergic.

"So, we broke it open and found a small sewing needle … and everybody was staring, it was crazy it was like unexpected," she said. "I thought some things were dangerous, but when it comes to candy, I thought it was the one safe thing. But it's really not." […]

Panama City News Herald [FL]
2 November 2017

P.C. father reports metal pin in kids’ Halloween candy

PANAMA CITY — Police responded Wednesday to a father’s report of a metal pin discovered in a piece of Halloween candy.

The complainant told police while looking through his children’s candy Wednesday afternoon, he noticed a pinhole in a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Inside the package, he pulled out a piece of metal and “discovered it to be a ½-inch metal pin, resembling the metal pin portion of a thumb tack,” according to a Bay County Sheriff’s Office report. […]

CBC News
2 November 2017

Grassy Narrows family finds needle in Halloween candy, wants others to be careful
Rudy Turtle says he and his daughter found a needle stuck through a Reese's peanut butter cup

A family in Grassy Narrows First Nation and a police force that serves a number of Indigenous communities in northern Ontario are reminding everyone to check Halloween candy after a scary incident this week.

Rudy Turtle's 11-year-old daughter was going through her candy Wednesday evening that she got while trick-or-treating when she found a needle stuck through a Reese's peanut butter cup, he told CBC News. […]

Chronicle Live [UK]
2 November 2017

Mum's horror as man puts Ann Summers lolly in her little sister's Halloween bucket
The woman from County Durham was disgusted when she found the x-rated lolly and has reported the incident to police

A family have been left outraged after a schoolgirl was handed was handed a sickening ‘treat’ on Halloween.

The five-year-old girl was with her big sister in Horden, County Durham, where they called at the home of a stranger.

A man answered the door and filled her bucket with sweets and a sordid addition – an adult themed lollipop resembling male genitalia. […]

Chronicle Live
2 November 2017

Police say no 'sinister' intentions after Ann Summers lolly handed to schoolgirl trick or treater
The lolly is said to have been left behind from a recent hen party and police believe there were no 'sinister' intentions

Officers investigating an indecent lollipop handed to a five-year-old girl have described it as an “innocent mistake”.

The family of the five-year-old girl were shocked when they found the adult themed Ann Summers lollipop resembling male genitalia and reported it to the police.

Durham Constabulary began making inquiries and the force has now closed the investigation saying they believe no harm was intended.

A member of the man’s family contacted ChronicleLive and said they are “mortified” at the mistake and apologised to the woman.

He said that the lolly had been left over from a recent Hen Do and the man had not realised what it was before he handed it out to the trick-or-treater. […]

Sunshine Coast Daily [Australia]
2 November 2017

Halloween prank leaves sour taste in mum's mouth

MINTIES. Not too hard and not too soft, perfectly chewy, not too sweet and they never leave a sour or gross aftertaste in your mouth.

Unless of course you're eating a bar of soap instead.

This was the reality for a Coast family.

It was the day after Halloween with kids beginning to rejoice in their spoils, the one time of year they can consume their bodyweight in sugar.

But what should have been a minty fresh treat for a five-year-old child, was a mean trick - as the child bit into a cubed piece of soap. […]

The Barrie Examiner [ON]
2 November 2017

Halloween snack contained pill

Halloween candy tampering is being investigated after an 11-year-old Barrie boy's cherry flavoured Tootsie Roll contained an unknown pill. […]

Global News [Canada]
2 November 2017

Winnipeg mom finds Xanax pills in kid’s Halloween candy bag

A Winnipeg mom contacted police after finding a bag of Xanax pills in her child’s Halloween candy bag.

Amanda Fehr told Global News she noticed the small zipped bag of eight pills as she was going through the candy and contacted cops Thursday. […]

WFSB-TV [Hartford, CT]
2 November 2017

Razor found in New Britain Halloween treat

NEW BRITAIN, CT (WFSB) - A razor was found in a Halloween treat by a New Britain trick-or-treater, according to police.

Police told Channel 3 that the teen victim discovered the razor in the packaging for a wafer. […]

The South Bayview Bulldog [ON]
2 November 2017

North Leaside trick or treater gets earplugs not Cheetos

North Leaside resident, Barrig Hagopian-Hayward, has posted to Leaside Community that a “treat” that looked like Cheetos was really ear plugs. Hagopian-Hayward says: “A cautionary word to anyone who went trick or treating on Donlea, Divadale or Thursfield in North Leaside. We just checked our son’s candy so he could have one piece before bed and found this. It may look like Cheetos but is actually an open package of (used?) earplugs.” […]

Huffington Post UK
1 November 2017

Dad Discovers Biscuits Given To Trick Or Treating Kids Were Actually 18 Years Out Of Date

A dad who sneakily helped himself to his daughters’ Halloween treats was pretty shocked when he realised biscuits they were given were 18 years out of date.

Adrian Johnson, from Leeds, tweeted a photo of the McVitie’s milk chocolate digestives that had a best before date of 15 May 1999. […]

WHAM-TV [Rochester, NY]
2 November 2017

Local woman claims she found unwanted surprise in candy bar

Rochester, N.Y. - A Rochester woman is claiming she found an unwanted surprise when she bit into a candy bar.

Kaitlin Montanari tells 13WHAM her patients at the medical office where she works often bring in candy, but when she bit into a Snickers bar Wednesday, she says she found something inside that was not caramel.

Montanari says she stopped mid-bite, claiming she found a found hook inside. “I started to bite into it more, and I couldn't get through," she said. "I pulled it out, and there was a metal hook. I'm very lucky I did not get injured at all.”

She believes a piece of a machine may have broken off into the candy bar. […]

CNY Central
2 November 2017

Reports of needles in Halloween candy in Vernon

VERNON, N.Y. — The Village of Vernon Police Department is investigating two separate reports of sewing needles found in children's Halloween candy, according to Vernon Police.

Two complainants, who do not know each other, each found the silver-colored sewing needles inside a package of red Twizzler Twists. […]

Global News [Canada]
3 November 2017

N.S. RCMP investigating report of needle in Halloween candy in Eastern Passage

RCMP in the Halifax area are investigating after a mother says she found a sewing needle in her seven-year-old daughter’s Halloween candy. […]

WGBA-TV [Green Bay, WI]
3 November 2017

Fond du Lac Police investigating report of pill in Halloween candy

Fond du Lac Police received a complaint Thursday just before midnight from a woman living at the Weathervane Apartments along East Division Street who was going through Halloween candy with her children.

The woman found what appeared to be pieces of a pill inside a package of Mike and Ike candy, which had a hole in the packaging.

The officer who responded describes a pill with a white interior and hard orange exterior. It looked like two pieces of a pill, but police currently do not know what it is. […]

CBC News [Canada]
3 November 2017

Windsor parent reports finding needle in Halloween candy

Police are adding Windsor to the list of cities with reports of needles found in Halloween candy.

Officers went to a home on Gregory Place in the city's east end Thursday, where a parent complained that their child discovered a needle inside a chocolate bar.

No injuries were reported.

The find follows similar discoveries in Chatham and London.

WYTV [Youngstown, OH]
3 November 2017

Report: Needle found in Boardman child’s Halloween candy

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – Police in Boardman are investigating how a needle made its way into a child’s Halloween candy.

According to a police report, the sewing needle was found in a Rice Krispies treat. […]

KKTV [Colorado Springs, CO]
2 November 2017

Mom finds detergent pods in son's Halloween candy

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A Colorado Springs mom says she was disgusted when she found two dishwasher detergent pods were given to her son in his Halloween candy. […]

WKBW-TV [Buffalo, NY]
3 November 2017

Hamburg Police investigate report of needle in Halloween candy

HAMBURG, N.Y. (WKBW) - Town of Hamburg Police are investigating a report that someone placed a needle or small nail in a piece of Halloween candy.

Detectives believe the candy - a piece of Banana Laffy Taffy - was handed out in the Pine Lakes subdivision area in Lakeview. […]

Cape Breton Post [NS]
2 November 2017

Halloween ‘beer’ treats on the Northside likely unintentional

SYDNEY MINES, N.S. - Fruity beer drinks are great Halloween treats for Homer Simpson but not so much for kids.

But that’s what 12-year-old Morgan MacMullin from Florence, found in her bag the day after trick-or-treating. It wasn’t the full alcohol kind but a de-alcoholized lager beer with lemonade known as Radler, which contains .5 per cent alcohol. […]

Morgan wasn’t the only child to get a can of de-alcoholized Radler, which can be bought at grocery stores.

Tanya Gracie’s 12-year-old daughter Olivia was trick-or-treating with Morgan and got one too. […]

WJAR-TV [Providence, RI]
3 November 2017

Adderall found in 8-year-old’s Halloween candy

Four Adderall pills were found inside 8-year-old child’s Halloween candy, according to authorities.

East Providence Police told NBC 10 News that the child’s parents were sorting through the candy when they discovered a plastic bag with four peach-colored pills inside.

The parents took the pills to the police station, where the pills were identified as Adderall. […]

WTIC-TV [Hartford, CT]
4 November 2017

A Meriden family discovers a needle inside Halloween candy

MERIDEN -- It was something Siobhan Bazinet never wants to see again.

"I live in a nice neighborhood. I would never expect it from anything like that," says Bazinet.

Her two daughters were enjoying trick-or-treating until one of them found a small needle inside a Kit Kat bar.

Angelina Bazinet, Siobhan's daughter, says she was trick-or-treating within a one mile radius of their Meriden home. They knew most of the people in the neighborhood until an unfamiliar face gave a rather unusual piece of advice.

"When we were leaving he told us to check our candy before we eat it and then he winked at us," says Angelina Bazinet. […]

KFDA-TV [Amarillo, TX]
3 November 2017

Amarillo family finds nail in Halloween candy, urges caution to others

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - One Amarillo mother is urging parents to check their children's Halloween candy after claiming her daughter found a nail in one of her pieces of chocolate.  

Amanda Rivas and her 11-year-old daughter Hailey Picasso were eating Halloween candy last night when Picasso bit into what she assumed was an average Twix bar.

"I took a bite of it and I noticed that something poked my tongue, and I was like 'ow that hurt,'" said Picasso. "And so I turned the Twix around and I saw a nail, a little circle something, and I was like 'uh mom' and I immediately spit it out." […] [ON]
3 November 2017

Sharp object found in Innisfil girl's Halloween candy

South Simcoe Police officers are investigating after an Alcona mom has reported finding a sharp object in her daughter's Halloween candy.

The mom called Nov. 2 to report the object, and added her daughter wasn't hurt by it. […]

CTV News [Canada]
4 November 2017

Second case of Halloween candy tampering in Barrie

[…] Officers are investigating a second report of candy tampering, this time in the north-east end of Barrie.

A 13-year-old boy found a piece of metal inside an individually wrapped Tootsie Roll.

He did not ingest the candy, and police were called immediately upon discovery. […]

Oshkosh Northwestern [WI]
6 November 2017

Police investigating report of needle found in Halloween candy in Oshkosh

OSHKOSH – Police are investigating a report of a needle being embedded in a piece of Halloween candy on the city's west side. […]

Hamilton Spectator [ON]
6 November 2017

10-year-old Hamilton girl bites into Halloween candy and finds sewing needle

Hamilton police are asking parents to recheck their kids' Halloween candy after a 10-year-old girl bit into a chocolate bar and found a sewing needle stuck in the middle. […]

The chocolate — a mini Coffee Crisp — with the needle in the middle and its wrapper have been seized as evidence. […]

First Coast News [FL]
6 November 2017

Ponte Vedra woman finds sharp metal objects in Halloween candy

[…] [Lucy] Ferguson told First Coast News her step-daughter asked her to go through her Halloween candy Friday; the girl wasn’t allowed to eat the candy until Ferguson gave it the all-clear. Ferguson said she goes through Halloween candy every year.

This year, however, she noticed a strange Snickers wrapper when she dumped out a pile of candy.

Ferguson said it looked like three of the mini candy wrappers fused together and was partially torn.

“When I went to check it, a bit of a blade had kind of, sort of, grabbed part of my skin,” she said. “And I continued on to feel through the candy and that’s whenever we found the little second part of a piece of metal.” […]

Ferguson reported the incident to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, which sent deputies to her home Monday. The incident report states:

“It should be noted the candy wrapper appeared to be three separate candy wrappers, which were never separated by the manufacturer. The wrapper appeared as though some sort of malfunction with production equipment took place during the manufacturing and packaging of the product.” […]

Cape Breton Post [NS]
7 November 2017

Pieces of metal found in Halloween candy in Port Williams, Timberlea

PORT WILLIAMS, NS – Thin pieces of metal have been found in three pieces of Halloween candy in Port Williams and Timberlea.

RCMP responded to a call November 3 in Port Williams, where a teenaged girl found a flat piece of metal inside her Reese’s Pieces candy bar she’d received from the Port Williams area.

The girl didn’t notice anything strange while opening the candy bar, and wasn’t injured from the metal despite biting into the chocolate. It was seized by RCMP as evidence.

The two pieces were reported November 6 in Timberlea. A paperclip was found inside a Coffee Crisp chocolate bar and a needle inside a Kit Kat chocolate bar. The child was also not hurt. […]

WESH-TV [Orlando, FL]
7 November 2017

Palm Bay parents find metal in kids' Halloween candy

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A Palm Bay mother said she made a disturbing find in her child's Halloween candy.

The woman said she and her husband found metal pins in her boys' candy after they went trick-or-treating last week.

One-year-old Camden Schaper was dressed as a firefighter. 2-year-old Clay, his brother, was Spiderman. Their parents waited a few days before examining all the candy they brought home on Halloween, but when their father put his hand in the bucket, he found a sharp object.

"He had opened a Twizzler and the pin poked him in his thumb," said Melissa Schaper, the children's mother.

Eventually, the Schapers said they found two Twizzlers, one in each boy's Halloween bucket, with pins stuck right through the end. […]

Times-Picayune [New Orleans]
8 November 2017

Needle in Halloween KitKat bar 'not a hoax': Pearl River police

A needle found in a KitKat bar distributed last week during trick or treating in Pearl River is "not a hoax," Police Chief JJ Jennings said during a news conference Wednesday (Nov. 8).

Police are investigating the incident that surfaced when the mother of a 10-year-old boy reported Monday night that she opened the wrapper on a piece of candy and found a one-inch long needle protruding from the bar. Both the mom and the police posted a warning on social media, which triggered some skepticism among commenters. […]

WFTV [Orlando, FL]
7 November 2017

Police investigate after Melbourne woman finds metal in Halloween candy

MELBOURNE, Fla. - A Melbourne woman was sitting down for the evening Sunday and grabbed a Baby Ruth bar from a bag she’d opened to make goodie bags for her daughter’s class.

When she put the candy bar in her mouth, though, she got a very unpleasant surprise.

“I’m chewing it (and) I felt something go, crunchy, crunchy sound, and I’m like, ‘Oh, what was that?’” Barbara Silk said.

It was metal. […]

KNOE-TV [Monroe, LA]
7 November 2017

Lake Providence aunt finds needle in Halloween candy

LAKE PROVIDENCE, La. (KNOE) - A Lake Providence aunt is on alert tonight after a finding a sharp object in her niece's Halloween candy. Kala Maxwell said when her family found the object, they could not believe their eyes.

"I took it out of her hand and low and behold it was a needle sticking out of her fruity tootsie roll," Maxwell said. […]

Hawaii News Now
7 November 2017

Police investigating tainted Halloween candy case in Kailua

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Parents: Check your children's Halloween candy.

Police have opened a reckless endangering case after the mother of an 8-year old girl says she found a needle in a Twix bar that the child got on Halloween. […]

The Hamilton Spectator [ON]
7 November 2017

Milton girl discovers dead mouse among Halloween loot
Mother calls the act mean-spirited

A 10-year-old Milton girl was horrified to discover a dead mouse among the candy in her Halloween bag after she went trick-or-treating last week.

As the Grade 5 student sorted through her candy on the living room floor, she reached for what she thought was an dried-up leaf, but turned out to be a desiccated mouse, complete with trap marks on it. […]

Bayshore Broadcasting [Brampton, ON]
8 November 2017

Needle Found in Halloween Candy

[…] Peel Police are investigating a case of Halloween candy that was allegedly tampered with.

Tuesday November 7th police were called about a sewing needle that was inserted into a Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar. […]

Global News [Canada]
8 November 2017

Police warn of 2 more incidents of tampered Halloween candy, brings total in HRM to 4

Halifax [N.S.] Regional Police are warning citizens to check their Halloween Candy after two incidents of tampered treats were reported last week.

Both incidents were reported in Dartmouth.

The two additional reports bring the number of incidents in the Halifax Regional Municipality to four, one in Timberlea and another in Eastern Passage. An incident has also been reported in Kings County, N.S. […]

According to police, on Nov. 1 at 1:43 p.m. Halifax police received a complaint of suspicious circumstance on Russel Street. A parent was reportedly going through her children’s candy when she found a straight pin inserted inside the wrapper of a chocolate bar.

Her daughter had been trick-or-treating in the area of Russell Street, Wyse and Victoria Roads and surrounding streets.

The second incident was reported on Nov 2, at 3:46 p.m. on Hare Lane in Dartmouth.

A 14-year-old was going through her Halloween candy when she found a straight pin had been inserted inside the wrapper of a chocolate bar. […]

Newsday [Long Island, NY]
9 November 2017

Cops: Father says girl, 6, found needle in Halloween candy

A 6-year-old North Lindenhurst girl escaped injury after she bit into her Halloween candy Wednesday and discovered a 2-inch sewing needle stuck inside, Suffolk police said.

First Precinct officers responded to the girl’s home at about 5:40 p.m. Wednesday after her father called to report that she had found the needle after biting into a Twix Fun Size Caramel cookie bar, according to police. […] [New Jersey]
9 November 2017

Parent finds sewing needle in Halloween candy, cops say

NATIONAL PARK -- Police are warning area residents to carefully scrutinize their kids' Halloween goodies after a parent reported finding a sewing needle in a piece of candy in a Gloucester County town. […]

Michelle Garner posted on Facebook Wednesday afternoon that it was her little sister who bit into a Twizzler and found the needle. "Thank God she only took a small bite," Garner wrote. […]

The Journal Pioneer [Summerside, PEI]
10 November 2017

Report of Halloween candy tampering in Summerside unfounded: Police

Summerside Police Services say they received a report on Nov. 8 that a pin was located inside a chocolate bar from Halloween.

A concerned mother called the police after her son showed her the chocolate with the pin inside.

The complainant also made a Facebook post about the incident, which was shared hundreds of times, warning others to be careful.

Police inspected the bar and determined that the pin inside was the same type of pin found on a Remembrance Day poppy pin.

After speaking further with the complainant and her son, police discovered that the pin came from within the complainant’s home and was not received from an unknown source. […]

Global News [Canada]
15 November 2017

Children in Napanee are hurt by pins put in their Halloween candy

[…] Thirteen-year-old Emma Perry’s desire for a chocolate bar turned into a moment of fear.

“Something poked me in my tongue and I looked down and I saw it was a pin I was shocked I didn’t know what to do.”

Emma’s mother called police and the doctor.

Napanee OPP have confirmed Emma’s experience isn’t the only one in the town of 15,000. […]

The second pin was in a Mr. Big chocolate bar and was reported Saturday night. […]

Timmins Press [ON]
20 November 2017

Police issue warning after needle found in Halloween candy

TIMMINS - Timmins Police are investigating a report of a sewing needle being inserted into a small chocolate bar [Oh Henry!] that was part of a child’s Halloween candy. […]