Friday, January 20, 2017

Dead Man's Rock, Flin Flon, Manitoba

Flin Flon Reminder [Manitoba, Canada]
19 January 2017

Jonathon Naylor

[…] Dead Man’s Rock, also known as White Rock, is an out-of-place grey boulder that sits prominently atop a rock outcrop near Many Faces Education Centre.

[…] Members of the Baby Boom generation who attended Parkdale School (now Many Faces) sometimes refer to the boulder as White Rock. One of their fables revolves around spirits pushing or lifting the rock into place to mark an ancient burial site.

In more recent decades, the boulder was known as Dead Man’s Rock. The accompanying legend speaks of an unnamed man who was sitting in a lawn chair on the rocks while reading a book one summer day.

Nearby, a blasting crew inadvertently sent the boulder hurling through the air. By the time the man looked up from his book, it was too late. He was flattened.

Adding intrigue to this narrative is the fact that at one point, someone placed a mangled lawn chair under the boulder. Did the lawn chair instigate the tale or vice-versa?

A lesser-known myth about the boulder insists that early prospectors placed the rock there to mark what they believed was a rich ore deposit. […]