Monday, December 26, 2016

Tampered Treats, Halloween 2016

This is my seventh annual round-up of reports of tampered Halloween treats. As in other years, most cases will remain unresolved. 

Hartford Courant
30 October 2016

Suspicion Of Doctored Halloween Candy In Clinton

[…] A child at the Monster Mash received a fun-size box of Dots candy, police said. An examination of the box showed it had been opened and then glued back shut.

"Dots candy routinely come in assorted colors in each box. This box, once opened by the resident tonight, revealed that all the Dots inside were the same color - red," Sgt. Jeremiah Dunn said. "It is unknown if the candy inside the box was also tampered with."

One end of the candy box showed a glob of glue under the flap, a sign that it had been tampered with, Dunn said. […]

Wakeman [Ohio] Police Department
30 October 2016

CAUTION: It was brought our attention by a couple people that some candy passed out in town today is very suspicious. If you and your children have Lemonheads from trick or treating today please double check them. There are multiple instances of the packages being opened slightly and the candy itself looking disorted. Please check all candy before letting anyone eat it!

Chicago Tribune
31 October 2016

Sheriff: Small needle found in Beach Park child's Halloween candy bag

Frank S. Abderholden

The Lake County Sheriff's Office reported Monday that a needle device commonly used by diabetics to check sugar levels in the blood was found inside a child's trick-or-treat candy bag on Sunday in the Cambridge subdivision of Beach Park.

A family called sheriff's deputies after they found the item in their child's bag, but they were unsure of who placed the needle inside the bag of treats or when it occurred, said sheriff's spokesman Det. Christopher Covelli. The device is used to prick the tip of a finger to check blood sugars, he said.

Deputies conducted a search of the neighborhood, going door-to-door in areas where the family had been trick-or-treating, and Covelli said detectives are trying to determine whether or not it was intentionally placed inside the child's bag. […]

Wisconsin State Journal
31 October 2016

Pill found in Halloween candy, Fort Atkinson police say


Parents are being advised to go through their children's treats from Halloween after a pill was discovered in a child's candy bag in Fort Atkinson.

Police were notified of the discovery on Sunday, after a pill which was identified as a blood pressure medication was found in the bag. […]

The Daily Item [Sunbury, PA]
31 October 2016

Police: Man put hunting knife in 3-year-old's Halloween basket

COAL TOWNSHIP — Officers said a Coal Township man allegedly placed a 4 1/2-inch hunting knife in a Halloween basket of a 3-year-old on Saturday and warned the child to be careful because "it's real," according to Coal Township police.

Harold Carter, 35, was arrested after police said they were stopped by the parent of the child and explained the incident and showed police the knife, according to court documents. […]

WISC-TV [Madison, WI]
21 October 2016

Police receive report of screw in Halloween candy

PORTAGE, Wis. - Portage police said they received at least one report Monday night of Halloween candy that had been tampered with.

According to a Facebook post, a small screw was found inside the candy bar of a trick-or-treater who was in the area of the 200 to 700 blocks between West Edgewater and West Wisconsin streets. […]

WTTG-TV [Washington, DC]
31 October 2016

Police: Syringe found in child's candy bag after Halloween trick-or-treating

GLEN BURNIE, Md. - Anne Arundel County police say they are investigating a report of a syringe being found inside a child’s trick-or-treating bag on Halloween.

According to police, officers responded to Gordon Drive in Glen Burnie at around 7:30 p.m. after the child’s parents claimed that they found the needleless syringe mixed in with candy inside the bag.

Police said it is unknown where it came from or who is responsible for handing out the syringe. […]

Monroe News [MI]
31 October 2016

SCARY! Needle found in Halloween candy

By Ray Kisonas

A Monroe father is upset after a needle was found protruding from a candy bar that was collected by his son during trick-or-tricking on Monday.

Ryan Miekos said the sewing needle was intentionally jammed into a Nestle Crunch Bar and actually pricked his sister-in-law’s finger when she reached into his 5-year-old son’s plastic pumpkin. […]

WSAZ-TV [West Virginia]
31 October 2016

Needle found in Halloween candy

MINGO COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A parent made a shocking discovery Monday night after their child was trick-or-treating in parts of Mingo County and Pike County, Kentucky.

The parent was going through their child's candy when they discovered a needle in a mini Snickers bar, the Mingo County Sheriff's Department reports. […]

CBC News [Canada]
1 November 2016

Razor blade found in Spryfield boy's Halloween candy, say police
12-year-old slashed thumb open when reaching into candy stash

By Haydn Watters, CBC News

Halifax Regional Police are investigating after they say a 12-year-old boy cut his thumb on a razor blade found in his stash of Halloween candy.

Police said the blade was found in the wrapper of a Kit Kat bar on Monday evening when the boy was going through his trick-or-treat bag.

He got a bloody thumb, but there weren't any further injuries. […]

Michigan Live
1 November 2016

Police suspect razor blade hidden in child's Halloween candy

John Agar

MANISTEE COUNTY, MI – Police say a sharp piece of metal was found inside a child's Halloween candy.

It appears that a razor blade was cut to fit inside a Tootsie Roll, authorities said.

The item was found by a parent on Monday, Oct. 31, after a night of trick-or-treating in Manistee County's Village of Wellson. […]

Global News [Canada]
1 November 2016

Rum bottle leaking ‘suspicious fluid’ found in Ontario girl’s trick-or-treat bag: police

By Nick Westoll 

Halton police are warning the public after a small rum bottle leaking a clear “suspicious fluid” was found in a 12-year-old Milton, Ont., girl’s trick-or-treat bag.

Police said the girl’s mother found the bottle while inspecting her daughter’s bag of candy Monday evening.

“The seal on the bottle had been compromised and was leaking slightly when it was turned over to police,” officers said in a statement Tuesday morning.

Police sealed the bottle and sent the liquid away for analysis to determine if it was alcohol or another substance. […]

CBC News [Canada]
1 November 2016

No needles in Halloween candy, Ottawa police say
Mother called 911 reporting child found sewing needle in chocolate bar

Hours after issuing a warning over sewing needles found in at least three Halloween chocolate bars in east Ottawa, police now say the report was "unfounded."

"Our completed investigation has confirmed that the complaint was unfounded," police tweeted at 11:40 a.m. "There was no tampering with candy by a stranger." [“[N]o tampering with candy by a stranger” is a euphemistic way to say the child did it. – Brian]

Police had said an Ottawa child bit into a chocolate bar containing a needle — but was not injured — after trick-or-treating around Meadowbrook Road in the east end.

The child's mother called 911 around 10:30 p.m. on Halloween to report the dangerous candy after finding needles in two more chocolate bars, police said. […]

Ottawa Citizen
1 November 2016

Investigation shows reports of needles in candy unfounded, Ottawa police say

Vito Pilieci

The Ottawa Police Service said Tuesday an investigation has shown that a report that needles had been found in a child’s Halloween candy was “unfounded.”

“Our completed investigation has confirmed that the complaint was unfounded. There was no tampering with candy by a stranger,” police tweeted shortly before noon.

Police said that, after a meeting with the child and his parents, it was determined the child made up the story and there would be no charges in the incident.

The shocking report had swept across social media Tuesday morning after police said a parent in the Meadowbrook area called Monday night to say their child had bitten into a chocolate bar and found a needle. The parent checked the rest of the candy and found needles in at least three individually wrapped chocolate bars.

Carroll County Times [MD]
1 November 2016

Metal found in Taneytown trick-or-treater's lollipop

By Heather Norris

Police in Taneytown are reminding adults to check children's' Halloween candy stash this year after at least one parent found a surprise in their child's trick-or-treat bag Monday night.

A concerned citizen brought an officer a lollipop with a small piece of metal in the stick found during trick-or-treating, Taneytown Police Chief Bill Tyler said. […]

KTRE-TV [Pollok, TX]
31 October 2016

Angelina County mom finds needle in Halloween candy

By John-Carlos Estrada

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - A warning for parents out on this Halloween night check your kids candy after they come home from trick-o-treating.

According to Sabrina Maxie, of Huntington, she found a long needle in her 11-year-old's Halloween candy.

She says her family went trick-o-treating around the Wilson and Huntington area Monday night. […]

Brandon Sun [Manitoba]
1 November 2016

Syringes found in Halloween candy

The public is concerned after a syringe was found mixed in with a Halloween treat bag.

On Monday at 8:30 p.m., Brandon police responded to a report that a syringe had been located in a bag that was used by children to trick-or-treat.

A 13-year-old girl and 15-year-old girl told police that they found an unused syringe in a treat bag after returning home on Halloween.

In a separate incident, Paris Roulette told CTV that she found a syringe in her child’s bag of treats.

The syringe was loose within her seven-year-old’s candy.

It is unclear if the two incidents are related.

Brandon Sun [Manitoba]
7 November 2016

Halloween syringe incident blamed on pet cat

By: Brandon Sun

The finding of a syringe in a Halloween treat bag last week in Brandon has been blamed on the actions of a pet cat.

Last Monday, Brandon police officers responded to a report that a syringe was located in a bag that was used by kids to trick-or-treat. A 13-year-old girl and 15-year-old girl told officers that they found the unused syringe in a treat bag after returning home on Halloween.

The syringe, which according to police was an unused needle with a cap on it, was found loosely in the candy. It wasn’t concealed within any treats.

This morning, police issued notice that the incident was not malicious in nature. The syringe was knocked into a bowl of Halloween treats by a pet cat that spilled a box of insulin syringes.

The syringe was then unintentionally put into the treat bag.

Police say this was the only incident of this type reported to police, and that any references to a seven-year-old child being involved that were reported at the time have been determined to be false.

Global News [Canada]
1 November 2016

Niagara police say muscle relaxant pills found in Halloween candy

By Nick Westoll 

Niagara regional police are investigating after four prescription muscle relaxant pills were found in a St. Catharines, Ont., child’s Halloween candy bag Monday.

Police said the child’s parent found the loose pills while inspecting the candy the child collected while trick-or-treating. Officers later determined the pills were muscle relaxants. […]

Pelham News
1 November 2016

UPDATE: Pills among candy unintentional, NRP says

Police are warning the public to thoroughly check Halloween candy after prescription pills were found in a trick-or-treater’s bag in St. Catharines. […]

Late Tuesday night, police issued a news release stating they had identified the source of the pills and that they had unintentionally ended up with the candy.

Police said there is no reason to believe a criminal offence occurred. […]

WSAW-TV [Wausau, WI]
1 November 2016

Metal nail found inside Halloween candy, police investigating

Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., (WSAW) The Wisconsin Rapids Police Department is warning parents to lookout for tampered Halloween candy after a family found a metal nail inside of a green sour apple tootsie roll Monday night. […]

KMSP-TV [Minneapolis, MN]
1 November 2016

Kit Kat bar containing pill found in Halloween candy

By Rose Heaphy

BIG LAKE, Minn. (KMSP) - A family checking their Halloween candy in Big Lake, Minnesota found a Kit Kat with a pill in it, according to the Big Lake Police Department.

On Monday night at about 8 p.m., when family members were examining their trick-or-treating candy, they discovered an opened Kit Kat bar that had a yellow pill partially stuck in the chocolate.

Police say the pill was not concealed and was plainly placed on top of the candy bar. Officials identified the pill as Cyclobenzaprine, which is a muscle relaxer. […]

Metro News [West Virginia]
1 November 2016

Additional testing for candy filled with foreign substance in Harrison County

By Alex Wiederspiel

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — A white, powdery substance was discovered inside or covering “Dots” candy by two families who were trick-or-treating in the Clarksburg area, Monday night.

One child was hospitalized after suffering a burning sensation when the powder touched skin.

There has been no word on the child’s condition.

The family had apparently been going door-to-door in the Anmoore, Stonewood, and Nutter Fort areas.

Initial testing of the substance came up negative for drugs, but Clarksburg Police Chief Robbie Hilliard told MetroNews additional testing will be done.

New Jersey State Police
1 November 2016

State Police Detectives Investigate Report of Needle Found in Halloween Candy

Detectives and troopers from the New Jersey State Police Port Norris Station are investigating the report of a needle found in Halloween candy collected in Commercial Township, Cumberland County.

The victim told detectives that between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. she discovered a sewing needle in a Tootsie Roll candy that her child collected during trick-or-treat earlier in the evening. […]

CBC News [Canada]
2 November 2016

White pill found in bag of Halloween jellybeans, say Amherst police

Amherst [NS] police are investigating after a local family says a small white pill was found in a bag of jellybeans, part of a young girl's Halloween candy stash.

Police said the girl was trick-or-treating in downtown Amherst on Monday evening. The Amherst Police Service said it learned about the pill through a Facebook post and reached out to the family. The family told police they found the pill when they were going through the girl's candy bag.

Const. Randy Babineau said the pill looks to be an "illicit drug of some sort." Police are sending it to Ottawa for forensic testing and will continue the investigation based on those results.

Babineau said the pill is deteriorating and has no markings on it.

"It's unconfirmed what the pill actually is," he told CBC News.

Local Express [Halifax, NS]
1 November 2016

Halifax police investigate another report of razor blade in Halloween treat
A 13-year-old Dartmouth girl found a blade inserted inside the wrapper of a chocolate bar.

John McPhee

Halifax Regional Police are investigating another report of a razor blade inserted into Halloween candy.

A 13-year-old Dartmouth girl was going through her Halloween candy Tuesday morning when she found a razor blade inserted inside the wrapper of a chocolate bar, police said in a news release.  […]

WCPO-TV [Cincinnati, OH]
1 November 2016

PD: Man put genitals in candy bucket on Halloween

DEER PARK, Ohio -- A Deer Park man was arrested Monday after he put his genitals in a candy bucket, police said.

Police said Andrew Jaccod, 34, "knowingly displayed his (genitals) to a child under age 13 for sexual gratification."

Jaccod placed his genitals in a bucket of candy at a home on the 4200 block of Clifford Avenue in Deer Park on Halloween night, according to arrest documents.

Jaccod is charged with disseminating harmful matter to juveniles and two counts of public indecency.

Hamilton County deputies arrested him Monday night; in court Tuesday, he was given a $100,000 bond.

Asbury Park Press [NJ]
1 November 2016

Barnegat PD: pin found in candy bar

Amanda Oglesby

BARNEGAT – Police are urging residents to carefully inspect Halloween candy after a child found a small pin in the center of a Kit Kat candy bar collected from a home in the Timbers section of township, Police Lt. Keith Germain said.

"It appears the packaging had been tampered with," he said. "The kid kind of broke the bar in half and observed it." […]

Chicago Tribune
1 November 2016

Syringe found in Lake Villa treat-or-treat bag

Frank S. Abderholden

A syringe with a small amount of clear liquid but no needle was found in an 11-year-old Lake Villa boy's trick-or-treat bag after he made the rounds in the Painted Lakes subdivision on Halloween.

Police Chief Craig Somerville said authorities received a call about the syringe just before 7 p.m. and the family said they had been going door to door in that subdivision on the northeast side of town getting candy. He said there were no other reports of suspicious activity, and the syringe and liquid has been sent to the crime laboratory for analysis. […]

Windsor Star [ON]
1 November 2016

Windsor mom shocked to find needle in daughter's Halloween candy

Dalson Chen

Young Windsor mom Angela Magyar assumed her Forest Glade neighbourhood was safe for trick-or-treating with her daughter — but that was before she discovered a sewing needle embedded in a piece of candy on Halloween night.

“I’m just in shock,” said Magyar, 25. “It just goes to show you what kind of people there are in Windsor.”

Magyar said she and her boyfriend Jaime Hernandez took their two-year-old daughter Ava on a long trick-or-treating trip on Monday evening, visiting homes on three streets: Lynngrove Crescent, Esplanade Drive, and Melville Drive.

Magyar estimated they stopped at more than 100 addresses that evening. It was the last of a series of trick-or-treating trips her little family had taken over the weekend, including visits to Halloween-themed events at the Children’s Safety Village, Walkerville and Tecumseh Mall.

According to Magyar, blind luck led to her stumbling upon the dangerously tainted candy — a miniature Mars Bar with a sharp metal spike.

“As soon as we got home, I dumped everything out and was checking (the candy),” Magyar said. “It poked me. I gave it to my boyfriend, he was feeling it, and it poked him, too.”

Magyar said closer inspection revealed that a steel sewing needle had been shoved into the chocolate bar length-wise. The spike was long enough to pierce someone pressing the wrapper, but not long enough to be obvious.

Hernandez pulled the needle all the way out of the candy. Magyar said it looked like a sewing needle with its eye loop broken — so that it would be sharp on both ends. […]

The Northern View [Prince Rupert, BC]
1 November 2016

Tainted Halloween candy found in haul

A tainted piece of candy was discovered in the Prince Rupert area after a trick or treater discovered a small-sized chocolate bar with a pin wedged inside.

Prince Rupert RCMP spoke to an individual who made a post on social media about the piece of candy, and are still in the early phases of their investigation. […]

The Southern Illinoisan
1 November 2016

Perry County
Du Quoin Police investigating incident in which 'pill' was found in cookie

    Stephanie Esters

Du Quoin Police are looking into how a substance that looks like a pill might have found its way into a cookie given out on Halloween night.

The object was discovered in the cookie by an adult relative of the child who received it, Du Quoin Police Chief Jamie Ellermeyer said.

He said Du Quoin police investigators do not believe the couple who handed out the cookies, who appear to be in their 60s, bore any responsibility for the object being in the cookie. He said investigators said the object had a minty smell. It will be sent to the crime lab for testing.

He said the couple received the cookies, which he described as Oreos, from another source and was trying to help.

"We definitely believe that the people who handed it out had no ill malice in this whatsoever," Ellermeyer said. "We just believe that it was a situation (in which) someone else put it in there."

Ellermeyer said the couple gave about out 24 cookies and this is believed to be the only one that sparked a complaint.

KIRO-TV [Seattle, WA]
1 November 2016

Families: Nail, screw found in North Sound Halloween candy

Two Marysville families were the victim of a terrifying Halloween trick.

A 12-year-old boy found a nail in a mini Snickers bar and a 10-year-old boy discovered a screw in a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

The first family immediately called Marysville police and the second is in the process of filing a report. […]

WDAF-TV [Kansas City, MO]
1 November 2016

Metro kids find dangerous items in Halloween candy

by Melissa Stern

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For most kids last night's trick or treating was fun, and a good way to load up on sweets.

But not everyone came away all smiles, as it was more trick than treat for some metro kids.

“They asked me to have candy about halfway through, and I said 'no, wait until we get home. Let's spread all the candy out, just to check.' That's what we did growing up,” said David Ayers.

Ayers was heading home with his 11-year-old twins, Carley and Carson, after trick-or-treating in Brittany Woodscastle, a KCMO neighborhood near Zona Rosa.

"We got back in the car, and that's when they both yelled at me, 'hey look. There's a razor blade,' and I said 'no there's not. Let me see it,' and they pulled out the big box blade-looking thing, and I was just in shock,” Ayers added.

He said it was sitting right on top of the candy, with the box blade out about an inch or so. […]

In another nearby neighborhood, Clayton Meadows between 68th street and Waukomis off 169-Highway, other kids got "screwed." Someone handed out a note [“You got SCREW-ED”] and a four-inch screw. […]

WANE-TV [Fort Wayne, IN]
1 November 2016

Fremont firefighter finds tacks, nail in children’s trick-or-treat candy

COLDWATER, Mich. (WANE) A Fremont firefighter reportedly came across tacks and a nail inside candy that his children had gathered trick-or-treating Halloween evening in southern Michigan. […]

The Chronicle [WA]
1 November 2016

Centralia Police Investigate Report of Girls Sickened by Halloween Candy

The Centralia Police Department is investigating a report that two teens were sickened after eating Halloween candy Monday night, but police do not believe the girls were intentionally exposed to any “harmful substance.”

At 9:06 p.m. on Monday, police and EMS responded to the 1100 block of South Pearl Street in Centralia after receiving a report that two 13-year-old girls were sickened after eating candy after trick-or-treating.

The girls were taken to Providence Centralia Hospital as a precaution.

Police investigated the incident and learned that the girls only went to one residence while trick-or-treating. They contacted the occupants of that house and found that the candy they gave out was store-bought and had not been tampered with. The resident voluntarily surrendered the candy to investigators.

Depending on the outcome of medical tests, investigators might test the candy. […]

Winchester Star [VA]
1 November 2016

Frederick police say needle found in Halloween candy, urge caution

    By Onofrio Castiglia

WINCHESTER – The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office is reminding people to check their children’s Halloween candy after a needle was found in a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup on Tuesday.

Capt. Donnie Lang said Tuesday that deputies received a call Tuesday from the “general area” of Pioneer Heights, near Greenwood Road, that a 13-year-old had “found a needle” in the single-serving of candy after opening it and pulling it apart.

“We’re really not sure how the needle got there,” Lang said, noting that the Sheriff’s Office wanted to reiterated the warnings it sends out every year.

He said the needle was similar to a cloth [safety] pin, not a hypodermic needle.

No other details were available Tuesday.

WSLS-TV [Roanoke, VA]
1 November 2016

Christiansburg Police: 13-year-old finds needle in Halloween candy

CHRISTIANSBURG (WSLS 10) Christiansburg Police received a report on Tuesday night in reference to a 13-year-old girl who found what appeared to be a needle in a piece of Laffy Taffy candy she obtained during trick-or-treating on Monday.

The girl’s parents called police, and an officer responded to their Christiansburg home on Tuesday night and confiscated the candy. The child did bite into the candy, which had been wrapped in Laffy Taffy packaging, and was stuck by what appeared to be a needle.

The candy, packaging and object will be sent for analysis. […]

The Roanoke Times
2 November 2016

Needle in candy is false report, town of Christiansburg says

By Mike Gangloff

A report that a Christiansburg teen bit into a needle placed in her Halloween candy is not true, a town news release said Wednesday.

"After further discussions this morning with the 13-year-old girl who reported an object in her Halloween candy, Christiansburg Police have determined a false report was made," said a short statement issued by Christiansburg spokeswoman Melissa Powell. "The candy was not altered by a third party. We have no additional information to release at this time."

The town had announced Tuesday that a family reported their daughter had been stuck by a needle found inside a piece of Laffy Taffy candy. The girl had received the candy Monday while trick-or-treating in Christiansburg.

The Newnan Times-Herald [GA] | 2 November 2016

Sharpsburg man says girl got a razor in Halloween bucket

    By Clay Neely

A Sharpsburg man is looking for answers after reporting the discovery of a razor blade in his teenage daughter’s Halloween bucket.

On Monday night, Mike Bibler said he was going through his daughter’s candy after she returned from trick-or-treating in the Kensington Estates neighborhood in Sharpsburg.

His daughter Emily, 17, had been out for several hours with friends before returning home around 8:30 p.m., Bibler said. As soon as she returned home, he dumped the contents of her bucket onto a baking sheet to inspect the candy.

“Everything looked okay to me,” he said. “I put each piece of candy back in the bucket individually and gave it back to her."

As soon as Emily returned to her room, she called out for her dad, saying something had poked her while she was digging through the bucket.

“We dumped it out again, and a tiny little razor fell out,” he said. “It looked like a disposable razor someone had cut into pieces."  […]

KPRC-TV [Houston, TX]
1 November 2016

Houston-area parents find dangerous material in children's Halloween candy

By Keith Garvin

HOUSTON - Daniel Marks' son scored big when he went trick-or-treating in his Memorial-area neighborhood Monday night.

He collected chocolate bars, hard candy and all sorts of goodies, just as he had expected.

What he didn't think he'd find when he got home was liquid ant poison.

The 9-year-old found the poison in his bag of candy.

"I don't know whether someone meant to harm someone or whatever it was," said Marks. "It was still very shocking."

The Marks family is not the only family to report disturbing finds from Monday night to Channel 2.

A mother in Kingwood posted pictures on Facebook of a needle she said she found inside one of the candy bars her child collected on Halloween night.

She said she discovered it because she always inspects the candy.

And a third case has been brought to Channel 2's attention.

In West University, a youngster was eating a candy bar when he noticed a piece of metal inside.

"I'm not going to eat any of the rest of my Halloween candy," said Hyatt Brown. "I'm kind of creeped out." […]

KPNX-TV [Phoenix, AZ]
1 November 2016

Mesa family: We found found a razor in children's Halloween candy

Monique Griego

MESA, Ariz. - It’s a cautionary tale that always pops up when the pumpkins roll out: Razors in Halloween candy.

“It’s always an urban legend -- we've never come across anything like that before,” said Vicki Mataipule.

But this Halloween, the warning to check your trick or treat candy for hidden dangers is exactly what one Mesa family is warning everyone to do after what they say they found in a mini Snickers bar.

The Mataipule kids had just wrapped up a night of trick-or-treating and were about to dive into their candy.

“Father said ‘Make sure you check the candy and make sure it's not poisoned,’” Vicki said, “Of course, you never think there's going to be anything in the candy.”

They all laughed but did it anyway.

“We were looking through the candy and I picked up a Snickers and it was slightly slit open at the bottom,” said Nikole Mataipule, Vicki’s teenage daughter.

“She opens it more and just sees metal and it (the Snickers bar) rumbles apart and you just see a giant metal razor,” said her brother 10-year-old Josh Mataipule.

A full-size razor blade, hidden inside the mini chocolate bar. […]

Western Mass News
1 November 2016

Bottle of vodka found among child's Halloween candy

[…] Walpole Police are urging parents to check their children's candy after one child in their town received a small bottle of vodka in their candy on Monday night. Police added that a six year old discovered the bottle after trick-or-treating on Haynes Street and Vane Streets in Walpole. […]

The News [New Glasgow, NS]
1 November 2016

Westville police investigating report of razor blade in chocolate bar

A Westville mother is warning people to be vigilant about checking Halloween candy after she said her daughter found a razor blade in treats collected on Monday night.

Sheri MacDonald said her 16-year-old daughter Victoria went trick or treating in Westville, and when she came home she sorted her candy.

“She opened a mini Kit Kat bar and a razor blade… flung out,” she said. “I told her not to touch it.”

MacDonald called the Pictou District RCMP, who came to the house to collect the offending treat. “I hope and pray they can pick up a fingerprint off it.”

MacDonald is upset about the incident, and said her daughter is nervous about eating her candy.

“What I want to put out there is to watch your kids,” she said. “He could have killed my daughter.”

Westville Police Chief Don Hussher said his department is also investigating the incident. […]

News Tribune [La Salle, IL]
31 October 2016

Candy with cannabis given out during trick-or-treat

PRINCETON — Candy discovered in Manlius was found to contain cannabis — and police are urging parents to keep an eye out for more like it.

Bureau County Sheriff’s Office reported today police are investigating an incident following Sunday trick-or-treat in Manlius, where parents came forward with suspicious-looking candy marked as “Crunch Choco Bar,” and the wrapper had small pictures of cannabis leaves on it. The substance was field-tested and was positive for cannabis.

Hit & Run
2 November 2016

Illinois Sheriff Passes Off Japanese Candy As Marijuana-Infused Halloween Treat
Warnings of pot in trick-or-treat bags still have no basis in reality.

Jacob Sullum|
On Monday the Bureau County, Illinois, sheriff's office issued a press release describing "an incident following Trick or Treat" in which "parents came forward with suspicious looking candy marked as Crunch Choco Bar," the wrapper of which "has small pictures of cannabis leaves on it." According to Bureau County Sheriff James Reed, "the substance was field tested and was positive for containing cannabis." The press release closed by urging parents (as always!) to be vigilant against tainted or sabotaged Halloween treats and asking for information about "which residence provided this candy," which supposedly was handed out in Manlius, a tiny town northwest of Princeton, the Bureau County seat.
Is this the long-awaited evidence that malevolent strangers really are trying to get your kids high by slipping marijuana edibles into their trick-or-treat bags? Nope. As an eagle-eyed blogger pointed out at, the picture accompanying Reed's press release shows Japanese candy bars sold under the brand name Iroha Kaede, which is a kind of maple tree. That's right: Those "small pictures of cannabis leaves" are actually small pictures of maple leaves. […]

Sheriff Admits He Issued a False Alarm About THC-Tainted Halloween Treats
He still implies that strangers with candy are trying to get kids high.
Jacob Sullum, 11 Nov 2016
CP24 [Toronto]
2 November 2016

Dishwasher pods discovered among Halloween candy in Earlscourt area: police

Joshua Freeman,

Toronto police are warning parents to be extra vigilant when sorting through their children’s Halloween candy after dishwasher pods were discovered in trick-or-treat bags in the Earlscourt area.

Police say a number of children who returned home from trick-or-treating in the area of Prescott Avenue, Blackthorn Avenue and Rockwell Avenue found dishwasher pods among their treats.

The pods contain powerful detergents and can cause serious burns to the mouth, throat and airways if swallowed.

Most dishwasher pods dissolve easily and contain labels warning people to wash their hands after just handling them. […]

WBAY-TV [Green Bay, WI]
2 November 2016

Neenah Police investigate nail in Halloween candy

By Rhonda Roberts

NEENAH, Wis. (WBAY) – Neenah Police are investigating a report of a nail found in a piece of Halloween candy.

Officers say the incident took place “somewhere east of Commercial St, south of Division St, and north of Cecil St.”

Neenah Police say it appears to be an  “isolated incident.”

The mom who found the candy posted a photo on Facebook and urged parents to check their child’s candy. The Facebook post had been shared more than 2,000 times as of Wednesday morning. […]

WBAY-TV [Green Bay, WI]
3 November 2016

Neenah Police receive more tampered Halloween candy complaints

By Emily Matesic

NEENAH, Wis. (WBAY) – Neenah Police say its received more reports of possible tainted Halloween candy.

We first told you yesterday about a woman who found a nail in a Tootsie Roll her daughter received while trick or treating on Monday. Police say they’re taking all of the complaints seriously.

It started with a call Tuesday night to police. Katie Van Dyke found a nail had been pushed into one of the pieces of candy her daughter was given while out trick or treating Monday afternoon in Neenah. The publicity around the incident led to a second call to police, another parent also claimed to have found a nail in a Tootsie Roll collected by his kids.

According to Neenah Police Chief Kevin Wilkinson, “In one case specifically, somebody had found something, but they had already disposed of it so we weren’t really able to follow up on that.”

Police are however following up on another complaint. A suspicious substance was found in two other pieces of candy, brought to the police department. Those items along with the Tootsie Roll from Katie Van Dyke are all being analyzed for evidence. […]

Calgary Sun [AB]
2 November 2016

Cochrane RCMP say sewing needles found in Halloween candy

RCMP are investigating after receiving a complaint that sewing needles were found in two full-sized chocolate bars handed out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween in Cochrane.

Authorities say they were contacted by someone who said they were checking their child's candy after taking them trick-or-treating on the west side of Glen Eagles. They found sewing needles in large O'Henry and Kit Kat bars. […]

KTRK-TV [Houston, TX]
3 November 2016

Mom upset Halloween candy had campaign stickers

By David Louie

PALO ALTO, CA -- A mother in Palo Alto is upset after she found campaign stickers about the state assembly race on her kids' Halloween candy.

Like many parents, Tru Love did an inspection of her kids' Halloween candy.

As the assorted candies fell out, she said she was shocked to see two large candy bars with campaign stickers for a candidate running for state assembly. "Whoever did this, they knew parents were going to be checking candy because that's what every parent does when you come home from Halloween, make sure that everything's safe, and that every parent would open the bag, and every parent would see this candy," Love said.

Love says this is tacky. The name on the stickers is Vicki Veenker, a Palo Alto attorney running for state assembly. She said she had nothing to do with the stickers. […]

WTVR [Richmond, VA]
3 November 2016

Mothers find staple, thumbtack in kids’ Halloween candy

by CNN Wire

LEXINGTON, MO — Two mothers in Lexington, Missouri are furious after finding a staple and a thumbtack inside their children’s Halloween candy. Both mothers, who initially believed that finding sharp objects inside Halloween candy was just a myth, are now warning other parents to check their kids’ stash.

On Halloween, Beverly Menad’s 8-year-old daughter Elizabeth was dressed as her best Elsa from the movie Frozen.

She was thrilled to pull down a lot of candy during her trick-or-treating.

But when Menad examined it, she became concerned.

“I was poked by a sharp object,” Menad said. “Upon further investigation, we opened it up and there was a staple inside the candy bar.”

Menad discovered a stable [sic] that was wedged into a Butterfinger chocolate bar.

Another neighbor says her 10 and 15-year-old children found a thumbtack stuck into the bottom of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

“He noticed it was open and he flipped it and out popped the thumbtack,” the mother said. […]

Huffington Post
3 November 2016

Alberta Halloween Candy Found To Have Pins, Needles And Razor Blades: Police

The Canadian Press

BLACKFALDS, Alta. – Mounties are advising parents in central Alberta to throw out a specific type of Halloween candy after a child got sick after eating it.

RCMP say the child had gone out trick or treating in Clive on Halloween and ate a piece of sugar candy, about the size of a loonie, that was orange with a back centre.

The child's symptoms were pale skin, dilated pupils and breaking out into a sweat. […]

Bemidji Pioneer [MN]
2 November 2016

Beltrami County parent reports needle in Halloween candy

BEMIDJI—Officials are are reminding parents to inspect of any Halloween candy or treats after a person reported finding a needle inside a candy bar.

On Tuesday, the Beltrami County Sheriff's Office responded to call in the 700 block of Whisperwood Court Southwest in Grant Valley Township for the report of some candy that had been tampered with, the sheriff's office said in a release.

The parent reported finding a "fun size" Almond Joy candy bar that had obvious package tampering. The packaging had been found torn open lengthwise and upon inspection by the parent, found a silver sewing needle inserted into the candy, officials said in the release. […]

WRBL-TV [Columbus, GA]
3 November 2016

Woman claims male enhancement drug was found in Halloween candy

By agarrettwrbl

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The Brookstone neighborhood is known for being safe.

So it shocked this grandmother when she says she found medicine in her grandson’s Halloween candy.

“That’s my grand baby but it could’ve been my friend’s children and all the kids that were with us somebody I don’t know my heart if I would not have reported it and then seen later on the news where a kid was at the hospital and ate some candy and they derived it came from the basket… That would’ve crushed me.”

Michelle Coker says she noticed something strange about a piece of candy in her grandson’s candy after trick or treating.

She searched Google with the letters on the package and what popped up was several sources for male enhancement drugs. […]

CBC News [Canada]
3 November 2016

Police investigating report of razor blade found in Halloween candy bar
Incidents being investigated in other parts of Canada

By Kevin Yarr, CBC News

Charlottetown police are asking residents to check Halloween treats after they received a report of a razor blade being found in a chocolate bar.

Deputy Chief Gary McGuigan said the chocolate appears to have been a peanut butter cup but police haven't seen the wrapper.

He said the chocolate and the object are being sent for positive identification. […]

CBC News [Canada]
2 December 2016

No answers in possible Halloween candy tampering case
Charlottetown police finish investigation into report of razor blade found in chocolate bar

CBC News

Charlottetown Police say they have finished their investigation into the Halloween candy that was possibly tampered with.

Two days after Halloween, police had received a report of a razor blade found in a chocolate bar.

But they have been unable to determine at what point the candy may have been tampered with, prior to being discovered by the person who reported it.

Police said the file will be reopened if any new information or evidence is received.

The Indy Channel [Indianapolis, IN]
3 November 2016

Police: Kids in Hamilton, Steuben counties report metal in Halloween candy

Katie Cox

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. -- A Hamilton County teen is being treated for possible injuries after police said she found metal in a piece of Halloween candy.

The 13-year-old got the mini 3 Musketeers candy bar while trick-or-treating on Monday in the Orchard Park neighborhood. Police say she was somewhere near 106th Street and Westfield Boulevard.

Investigators with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office said the metal piece was part of a small blade. The child was taken to the hospital to be treated for possible injuries after she bit into the piece of candy and found the metal. […]

WSOC-TV [Charlotte, NC]
2 November 2016

Mother says daughter's Halloween candy had screws, razor blade in it

DALLAS, N.C. - Police are investigating a report of tainted treats in Gaston County.

Parents said they found screws and razors in their daughter’s Halloween bucket.

The parents sent photos of the candy to Channel 9.

They said all of the candy that had been tampered with was different.

They said it came from the Long Creek Meadows subdivision in Dallas.

"She was already in bed, but me and my husband got a hankering for some candy. So we started going through it and we found a Snickers wrapper that had a little puncture hole in it and when we opened it up there was a screw in it,” mother Katie Smith said.

She said she started going through the rest of the candy and found five other pieces that had been tampered with.

She said she even found the tip of a razor blade in one of the pieces.

WCNC-TV [Charlotte, NC]
2 November 2016

Family reports finding razor blade in Halloween candy

GASTONIA, N.C. -- A family in Bessemer City says they discovered metal screws and a razor blade in their Halloween candy.

Gastonia Police say the family went trick-or-treating in the area of Ametrine Lane off Blue Moss Drive in Gastonia.

Tuesday night, the father began eating some of the haul when he spotted what looked like a piece of a screw. After further inspection, the father located several more pieces that had been tampered with-- one of which even reportedly contained a razor blade. […]

Okotoks Western Wheel [Alberta]
2 November 2016

Police urge parents to check candy after razor blade found in bag
Safety: RCMP uncertain if blade was deliberate or accidental

By: Don Patterson

Okotoks RCMP remind people to check their children’s Halloween candy after a parent discovered a razor blade mixed in with candy in their child’s trick-or-treat bag.

Police say the blade was discovered after the child dumped out his candy into a bowl.

Cpl. Cory Forsyth said the blade was loose in the trick-or-treat bag and was not embedded or enclosed in any candy. The complaint originated in the Cimarron Grove area, he said.

Forsyth said its not known if it was deliberate or if the blade ended up accidentally mixed in with candy while opening a box. […]

My Yellowknife Now [NT]
2 November 2016

Yellowknife mother finds Tylenol in daughter’s Halloween candy

Gabriela Panza-Beltrandi

A Yellowknife mother is warning parents to check their children’s Halloween candy after claiming to have found Tylenol in her daughter’s box of Smarties Tuesday.

The woman, who would prefer to remain unnamed, says she discovered the Tylenol after opening several boxes of her daughter’s Halloween candy while looking for a snack.

She claims she noticed one Smartie looked slightly different than the others, and when she turned it over she discovered it was Tylenol. […]

CTV News [Canada]
3 November 2016

Calgary police investigating report of sewing pin in Halloween treat

Ryan White

The Calgary [Alberta] Police Service has launched an investigation into the discovery of a dangerous item inside a candy bar in a northwest neighbourhood.

According to police, a child in the community of Rosemont discovered a sewing pin inside a chocolate bar prior to consuming the candy she had received while trick-or-treating. The girl’s mother notified police on November 1.

The child did not leave the community while trick-or-treating and investigators are attempting to identify the origin of the chocolate bar. […]

KSBY-TV [San Luis Obispo, CA]
3 November 2016

Lompoc police investigating reports of metal pins in Halloween candy

The Lompoc Police Department is investigating two reports from parents who said they found metal pins in their children's Halloween candy.

Police say the parents of the children know each other, but were trick-or-treating in different parts of the city Monday night; one on the northwest side and the other on the east side.

One mother told KSBY her child found the pin after biting into a small Kit Kat candy bar. She took the needle and wrapper to police, who are sending them to a Department of Justice lab in Fresno for testing.

Police say the other mother threw the needle and candy bar away.

Neither child was injured, according to officers. […]

Washington [PA] Township Police Department
3 November 2016

Please make sure to check all Halloween candy before consumption. Be on the look out for any opened or damaged wrappers or packaging. If it does not look right, it probably is not.

This picture added was obtained trick or treating, in the Rogers Manor section of Falowfield Twp. The wrapper had a whole in it and this long cylindrical item was placed in it. It's believed to be graphite pencil lead.

Please share the post

WISC-TV [Madison, WI]
3 November 2016

Schedule 4 pain pill found in Halloween candy, police say

DARLINGTON, Wis. - A schedule four prescription pain medication was found in a child’s Halloween candy in Darlington, police said.

Officers were sent to a home in Darlington Thursday for a report of a pill found in Halloween candy, according to a Facebook post.

The pill was Tramadol Hydrochloride, a schedule four prescription narcotic used to control pain, officials said.

According to the post, officials do not know why or how the pill ended up in the child’s bucket, but the parents are certain it was acquired while trick-or-treating. […]

WBUP [Ishpeming City, MI]
4 November 2016

Nail found in Halloween candy bar

ISHPEMING — Authorities in the City of Ishpeming are urging parents to check their children’s Halloween candy after a nail was discovered in a local child’s candy bar.

Ishpeming City Police say the child found the small nail in a mini candy bar they had obtained while trick-or-treating within the city. The nail was noticed before the child attempted to eat it, so no injuries resulted. Police say the nail was pushed through the sealed wrapper, and the damage wasn’t very noticeable. […]

Livingston Daily [MI]
4 November 2016

Police investigate tainted Halloween KitKat

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying who may have placed “an object” in a piece of candy on Halloween.

The department took a complaint Tuesday that the object, which was not identified, was found inside a single-sized KitKat received by a child during trick or treating. […]

WDAY-TV [Fargo, ND]
4 November 2016

Investigation reveals needle found in snickers bar was a prank gone wrong

By Cassandra Rohlfing

New York Mills, MN (WDAY News) - The report of a needle in a Snickers Bar in New York Mills isn't true.

New York Mills Police has confirmed, after investigating, it was a "prank gone wrong."

After talking to the boy, officers found out he was trying to "prank" his mother.

The mother has apologized on Facebook, saying her concern was for the community was genuine. […]

WAVE-TV [Louisville, KY]
5 November 2016

Needles found in Halloween candy

SCOTT COUNTY, IN (WAVE) - Two needles have been discovered in Halloween candy in Scott County, Ind., according to authorities.

On Friday the Scott County Sheriff’s Office received information that a county resident had found two sewing needles among Halloween candy from Monday night trick-or-treating.

An investigation revealed one needle was found in a sucker while another was found within other Halloween candy collected that night. The complainant told a deputy that she had visited the Scottsburg Square and a few other locations Monday.

There have been no other reports similar to this taken by any other Scott County authorities, according to the SCSO.

The Chronicle-Herald [Halifax, NS]
6 November 2016

Police investigate more candy tampering after man bites needle in grandson's candy

Police are investigating another report of a tampered candy bar after a man bit down on a needle.

A family in Dartmouth contacted Halifax Regional Police on Saturday when a small needle was discovered in a chocolate treat.

The victim had unwrapped, and begun to chew, a candy bar from his grandson's pile and felt a sharp pain in his mouth.

When he removed the contents, he discovered a small needle with a yellow plastic ball on the end of it.

The child to whom the treats belonged to was trick or treating in the area of Waynewood Drive, Brompton Road and the Bonnie Brae Trailer Park in Dartmouth.

This comes just days after similar reports in HRM.

Police opened an investigation on Tuesday after a 12-year-old boy cut his finger on a razor blade in a chocolate bar. And a 13-year-old girl in Dartmouth was sorting through her candy when she also spotted a razor blade.

Police say such cases are difficult to investigate and past cases have had to be dropped due to lack of forensic evidence.

Bay Today [North Bay, ON]
7 November 2016

More booby-trapped Halloween candy given to local kids
"Found a piece of metal in a Wonderbar after checking my son's candy last night."

Jeff Turl

City police are investigating yet another incident of someone putting razor blades in child's candy and handing it out during trick or treating Halloween night.

This time it's in the Delaware, Douglas, and Hillcrest Street area of North Bay.

The family victimized in this latest crime told BayToday, "Found a piece of metal in a Wonderbar after checking my son's candy last night. We reported it to police and my spouse went with police to show them what houses they went to. The police took the candy bar so hopefully they'll find out which house it came from."

Police spokesperson Marie Lugli says the family was going house to house between 5:30 and 6:30. They reported their find to police at 8:30 that evening.

"When they dumped the candy on the floor the chocolate bar fell out of its wrapper and had a razor blade in it so we're investigating," said Lugli."That's all we have right now."

No other complaints of tampered Halloween treats have been reported this year. […]

Niagara This Week [ON]
7 November 2016

Pill found hidden inside Halloween candy package given out in Welland

WELLAND – Niagara Regional Police are investigating after a parent found a pill inside their child's Halloween candy.

On Nov. 4, the concerned parent went to the Port Colborne detachment to report the discovery. The parent found the pill inside a package of candy that had obviously been tampered with, police say.

It determined to be an over-the-counter pill used to treat motion sickness, nausea, vomiting or dizziness.

Police say the child is believed to have gone trick or treating in the area of Marschall Avenue and Kilgor Avenue in Welland. […]

KGBT-TV [Rio Grande Valley, TX]
7 November 2016

San Juan woman says her son found a needle in his Halloween candy

By Joel Flores

A San Juan mother claims her 12-year-old son found a needle hidden in his Halloween candy.

Esmeralda Ozuna, 43, of San Juan said her son, Javier Ozuna Jr., was pricked by a needle on Nov. 1. He discovered the needle while eating candy collected on Halloween, when he went door-to-door in a Pharr neighborhood.

“You hear it on the news happening in other places, but I never expected it to happen to me, especially to my son -- one of my kids,” Esmeralda Ozuna said.

Javier Ozuna said he discovered the needle after biting into a candy bar.

“I just got a candy and bit it, and got poked,” Javier Ozuna said.

“And he spit it out like ‘Look mom.’ And I was like ‘What?’” Esmeralda Ozuna said. “I saw the needle inside the candy. So I rushed him to the hospital. Luckily it was just a poke on his gum.”

Esmeralda Ozuna said the hospital ran tests and she’s waiting for the results.

“I’m hoping everything comes out negative that they didn’t tamper with the needles,” Esmeralda Ozuna said.

Esmeralda Ozuna said she filed a report with the Pharr Police Department.

The North Bay Nugget [ON]
7 November 2016

Police investigate razor blade in candy


North Bay Police Service are investigating a Halloween chocolate bar that allegedly had a razor blade inside it.

Spokeswoman Marie Lugli said a complainant contacted police Halloween night around 8:30 p.m.

She said the complainant said after returning from trick-or-treating on Delaware, Douglas and Hillcrest streets they dumped their goodies on the floor and a chocolate fell out of its wrapper.

“They report that when they examined the chocolate bar it had a razor blade in it. The chocolate bar was brought into (police) headquarters for forensic analysis.”

The investigation continues.

Cape Breton Post [NS]
8 November 2016

Police investigating after needle found in Halloween candy

SYDNEY — Cape Breton Regional Police are investigating after a Sydney area family reported finding a needle inside an Oh Henry chocolate bar earlier this week.

The family reported the incident to police on Sunday, after the needle was discovered prior to the bar being consumed. They told police the candy bar had been received by a child while trick-or-treating on Halloween night in the Cottage Road, George Street, Bernard Lind Drive and surrounding area of Sydney. […]

WPRI-TV [East Providence, RI]
17 November 2016

Portsmouth child reports finding needle in Halloween candy

By Tiffany Choquette

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. (WPRI) — Portsmouth Police are warning parents to double check any remaining Halloween candy their kids may still have after one child made a disturbing find.

Police said they were notified on Thursday that child in town found a two-inch sewing needle inside an Air Heads bar.

The child had gone trick-or-treating on several streets in Portsmouth and also attended a trick-or-treating event in town, according to police.

Police continue to investigate the incident.

Beloit Daily News [IL]
19 November 2016

‘No dog treats for Halloween’

This letter is to the people on Johnson street who gave my 10 yr old grandaughter dog treats for Halloween.

You should be so ashamed! If you thought it was funny, you’re sick. Kids don’t have enough problems that adults have to act like idiots.

Halloween is for all kids. I occasionally get 16 year olds or babies that you know won’t be eating the candy, but what the hey, it’s fun to see all the children in costumes.

So for these people on Johnson street, I have dogs too and those treats cost more than a piece of candy so the joke is on you.

Charlene Streeter

Tucson Weekly [AZ]
24 November 2016

Police Dispatch
Silly Kid, Those "Treats" Are for Grown-Ups

By Anna Mirocha

North Twin Lakes Drive
Oct. 31, 9:06 p.m.

A father found a baggie full of pharmaceuticals mixed in with his child's Halloween-candy collection, a PCSD report stated.

On Halloween night, the father told deputies he'd taken his son and a group of kids trick-or-treating in a nice neighborhood on the East Side, and everything had seemed normal—he didn't remember any of the houses seeming weird or any residents giving out anything other than candy. But when he was later looking through his child's sack of goodies, he said, he found a small sandwich baggie full of pills of all different shapes, colors and sizes—probably sugar free, but definitely unhealthy for children.

At the time of the report, deputies hadn't been able to determine whether the pill giveaway had been an accident—a pill addict who'd misplaced their stash when sneaking candy from the Halloween bowl, perhaps—or a deliberate poisoning attempt. The latter was certainly a possibility, but it would seem to have been poorly planned, since even small children would likely spit out such bitter "candy" if they happened to try eating a pill, and the baggie was grungy, not camouflaged to look like a candy bag. (Besides... well... wouldn't a pill addict want to keep those things for themselves?)

No other children in the neighborhood had received such a surprise in their trick-or-treating bags, and ultimately deputies were unable to find the source of the fun-size pill variety pack.

Chronicle Herald [Halifax, NS]
11 December 2016

Police respond to two incidents of food tampering in Dartmouth

Police are investigating after two food tampering incidents were reported in Dartmouth on Saturday.

At about 7 p.m., Halifax Regional Police received a suspicious circumstances call in the 0-100 block of Oak Street.

A 9-year-old girl was eating a piece of her remaining Halloween candy when she bit into a chocolate bar and discovered a sewing needle inside.

Police say the girl had been trick-or-treating in the area of Retreat Ave, Joseph Howe Dr and surrounding streets in Halifax.

The girl was not injured by the needle. […]