Thursday, September 29, 2016

Condoms Prohibited at Duquesne University

The Duquesne Duke
29 September 2016

Raymond Arke
Staff Writer

It’s time to unwrap the rumors and roll out the facts — condoms are allowed on campus.

According to interviews conducted by The Duke, many students are under the impression that condoms are prohibited by Duquesne and possession of them can result in a fine. However, that is not the case. […]

Aaron Thomas, a senior physician assistant major is the RA for the ninth floor of Towers. He finds the rumor laughable.

“I have to say that it’s just hilarious that this rumor goes around every single year,” Thomas said.

He added that Duquesne is a bit different than other Catholic universities.

“There’s no ban on sex here, either,” he said, even though a tenet of Catholicism is abstinence until marriage.

“At Duquesne we do not reprimand those who do not follow every Catholic teaching, since our Mission Statement focuses on diversity,” Thomas said. […]