Thursday, January 28, 2016

Headhunter Rumors (Borneo, 2016)

The Borneo Post
27 January 2016

BINTULU: Police have opened two investigation papers in connection with the fake ‘apai nyamun’ postings which went viral in the social media recently.

The postings claimed that a few longhouse residents in Bintulu, Tatau and Mukah had been snatched in two separate incidents for their heads and organs which would be sold. […]

The Borneo Post
28 January 2016

MARUDI: Following rumours spread through the social media, two primary school teachers lodge two police reports that a stranger, feared to be a ‘penyamun’ (head hunter, had entered Rumah Man, a longhouse in Sg Bakas, Beluru, in which they rented a house. […]

The Borneo Post
29 January 2016

Jacqueline Raphael

MIRI: Miri police chief DSP Junaidi Bujang warns Mirians to stop spreading rumours that can cause unnecessary panic and chaos among members of the public here.

The warning came after two car thieves who were mistaken for ‘headhunters’ were badly beaten up by over 50 villagers in an incident which took place at Batu Niah several days ago.

“The men were badly beaten up and badly injured in the incident because the villagers thought they were head and organ hunters. But they were just car thieves who had just stolen a Kancil.

“They caught up with a group of villagers while running away from the police, and this group beat them up. They managed to escape from the group and ran back to the police who immediately arrested them,” he said. […]