Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Turtles in Stomachs

Jeremy Clay, The Burglar Caught By a Skeleton and Other Singular Tales from the Victorian Press (London: Icon Books, 2013), p. 221.

A Foolish Election Wager

Anderson (Indiana), Monday: An unfortunate election enthusiast here will probably die in consequence of a foolish bet. He wagered that if Mr Cleveland carried the State he would swallow a live turtle, and has honestly done so, the specimen being small but lively. Now it refuses to digest, or even to die, and it is causing the man frightful agony besides. The doctors are trying to dislodge or kill it, but without success. – The Western Mail, Cardiff, November 15, 1892

Chad Lewis, Hidden Headlines of Wisconsin (Eau Claire, WI: Unexplained Research Publishing Company, 2007), p. 89.

Turtle in Stomach
Eau Claire Man Complained of Pains With Good Cause

EAU CLAIRE – A snapping turtle three inches long from the tip of the tail to the tip of the nose, was vomited by a man who came to Dr. J. H. Noble complaining of pains. He supposed the patient swallowed the turtle when it was very small. – Milwaukee Journal, June 5, 1901