Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Elvis Fan Sneaks Out to Concert, Parents See Her Photo in Newspaper

The Kansas City Star
14 October 2015

May 25, 1956: An Elvis Presley fan is foiled

Reader Laura Willard shares a cherished family story that might sound like a tall tale — but there really is a historical photo to back it up. From Laura:

(My mother) snuck out of her mom and dad’s house when she was a young teenager and took a bus across the state line, all so she could go to an Elvis Presley concert that she was forbidden to attend. The story that was passed down to us children and grandchildren is that she thought she got away with it till she woke up the next morning with the morning paper on her plate, with her on the front page, instead of breakfast.

Laura found the clipping here, and showed it to her uncle, who remembered it clearly and picked her mother out in the crowd. Because The Star was an evening paper at the time, the photo ran at the top of the front page of The Kansas City Times, which was labeled as “The Morning Kansas City Star.”
22 August 2005

By Sondra Bosse

[On 24 August 1955, Elvis Presley performed at a high school football field in Conroe, Texas.]

[…] Wanda Sue Morgan, like all the other girls in town, couldn't wait to see Elvis.

"But her mother, Jennie Mae Morgan, wouldn't allow her to go because Elvis shook his hips in a manner that was too provocative," said Stacy Morgan about her aunt Wanda Sue Morgan.

However, Morgan snuck out and went to the concert.

"Well as luck would have it, the next day on the front page of the paper was a picture of Elvis on the flatbed trailer performing and on the front row was my Aunt Wanda swooning over him," Stacy Morgan said. "So she got busted." […]