Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Well-Meaning Umbrella Throw

New York Times
22 July 2015

Metropolitan Diary

By Bill Weiss

Dear Diary:

The scene: Roosevelt Avenue, Queens, subway station at rush hour on a rainy evening

A train pulls into the station. Amidst the usual hustle and bustle, a clatter rings out when someone drops an umbrella on the platform and moves on without realizing the loss.

An alert woman standing near the umbrella quickly scoops it up and, thinking fast, executes a perfect shovel-pass, tossing it into the train car just in time to beat the closing doors. What a kind gesture; now the owner and the umbrella will be reunited.

The woman makes just one miscalculation. The owner hasn’t just entered the train car. He’s exited, and now he is standing on the platform, watching dumbfounded as the train speeds away with his umbrella aboard!