Thursday, November 13, 2014

Naïve Woman Sews Up Holes in Man's Underwear

Sydney Morning Herald
12 November 2014

[…] The socks that shorted a honeymoon (C8, Tuesday)  reminded Jock Grieve, of Tumbi Umbi, of a friend of his late mother  "who, on her honeymoon just after WWII wondered why, when putting them away, her new husband's mother had not sewn up all the holes in every piece of underwear he had. Turned out that they were all of the Y-front variety most men had back then which, coming from an all-girl household, she had never seen before." […]

Times Colonist [Victoria, BC]
11 Nov 2004

The war at home
Turnips for lunch every day, chicken bones saved for airplane glue, flour-sack nighties and underwear held up by safety pins -- readers recall sacrifices, big and small, made in 1944

Katherine Dedyna

[…] Deborra Higgins of Victoria writes of a naive 18-year-old girl in Scotland who is now her mother-in-law. An only child, this young lady helped her mother provide meals, warm beds and laundry service for Canadian soldiers on leave.

"Much to her dismay, she noticed that the men's underwear had holes in the front, creating -- she was sure -- quite a draft! So she 'made do' by sewing up the holes! Well, one of the young men was so smitten with her good intentions that he ended up marrying her.'' Her mother-in-law blushes to this day at this story. […]