Saturday, September 13, 2014

Honk Your Horn and a Witch Will Chase You

Niagara Gazette [Niagara Falls, NY]
13 September 2014

ACCIDENT: Police are investigating a roll-over accident in the 1000 block of Frontier Avenue. Officers said they came upon the accident, during routine patrol, at around 7:05 p.m. Tuesday. The vehicle was resting on its passenger side and three people were trapped inside. Officers were able to get all three people out and none were seriously injured. The driver of the vehicle told police he was lost control of the vehicle, while backing up at high speed, causing it to flip. He told officers he was being chased by a nearby resident. The resident then told police that he began chasing the driver and his passengers because they had driven by his home, honking the vehicle's horn and yelling obscenities. When questioned by police about the claim, the driver told officers that he and his passengers were investigating an urban legend that claims that "if you drive past a certain house on 103rd Street and honk your horn, a witch will appear and chase you." The resident who was chasing the vehicle confirmed to police that people think a witch lives at his house and are constantly driving by and harassing him.