Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ballroom in Movie Modeled After Baylor University Library


The Baylor Lariat [Baylor University]
27 November 2012

By Maegan Rocio
Staff Writer

[...] A 1979 Baylor alum, Jim Hillin, who was the Computer Generated Imagery Supervisor of the 1991 animated feature, helped design the famous ballroom scene of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” [...]

According to a Nov. 8 Baylor Proud Newsletter, the rumor is the famous ballroom scene from “Beauty and the Beast” was modeled after Baylor’s Armstrong Browning Library.

Hillin said the rumor is not true.

“The design came from the art director, and I was just following his directions,” he said.

Some Baylor students were disappointed to hear that the myth turned out to be false.

San Antonio freshman Rachel Hess said she heard the story from her tour group guide while passing the library. [...]