Monday, July 16, 2012

Foreign Cockroaches Invade Naples

New York Times
16 July 2012

Naples Journal


NAPLES, Italy - It began with ominous reports of an invasion of oversize red cockroaches, the American type, which were not only driving out the native Neapolitan black cockroaches but also possibly carrying deadly diseases.

The headline in the newspaper Il Mattino of Naples, Italy, reads "City Invaded by Red Cockroaches - Hepatitis and Typhoid Infection Risk." But health authorities and city officials say the reports are untrue.

It did not matter that city and health officials scoffed at the reports. The summer - high season for cockroaches and bottom-of-the-barrel stories in the Italian news media - was upon the land, and the story could not be squelched, no matter how many entomologists protested. [...]