Monday, August 15, 2011

Women Raping Men (Zimbabwe)

The Zimbabwean
3 September 2010

Rape - the men never saw it coming

Written by ZimOnline

HARARE – Zimbabwean men are a proud lot, but they are slowly taking a bruising with increasing reports of women raping men, in a bizarre trend that appears driven more by superstition, and which social commentators say reflects a more serious underlying problem – total moral decay of the nation. [...]
6 October 2010

The Herald [Zimbabwe]

Zimbabwe: Three Women Kidnap, Rape Cop

Harare — A 26-year-old Bulawayo man, believed to be a policeman, last Friday became the latest victim in a string of sexual assaults by gangs of women on men.

The man was reportedly kidnapped, robbed and sexually abused by three women after they offered him a lift from Bulawayo to Kwekwe. The man was forced to drink a "bitter substance" that rendered him unconscious after which the women took advantage of him. [...]

The Herald [Zimbabwe]
25 March 2011

Karoi man raped at ‘snake point’

From Walter Nyamukondiwa in Chinhoyi

[...] A man was offered a lift as a token of appreciation for helping a stranded female motorist but got the shock of his life when he was shown a massive snake at the back seat of the car before being ordered to be intimate with her. [...]

The Herald [Zimbabwe]
12 July 2011

4 women sexually abuse man at Juru

Herald Reporter

FOUR women reportedly sexually abused a Goromonzi man at Juru Growth Point on Saturday after forcing
him to swallow some unknown pills at gunpoint before extracting his semen, which they placed in a container. [...]

NewsDay [Zimbabwe]
5 August 2011

Cops hunt female rapists


The Zimbabwe Republic Police is appealing to members of the public to assist them with information on three women who are reportedly on a spree of raping men.

Acting officer commanding police Harare province Assistant Commissioner Angeline Guvamombe said the women were on the loose, terrorising men and raping them. She was speaking at the Mbare District Awards of Excellence in Policy, where she was the guest of honour.

“Allow me as well to use this platform to appeal to members of the public to pass any information to the police regarding three women who have gone on a spree of kidnapping and indecently assaulting young men around town,” said Guvamombe.

“The women drive in poshy cars and offer a lift to their victims before spraying some liquid substance on the men’s faces. Once the victim is drowsy the women take the victim to a secluded place or house where they force him to be intimate with them. I want to warn these criminals that the net is drawing closer,” added Guvamombe. [...]

The Herald [Zimbabwe]
8 August 2011

Women kidnap, rape two men

Herald Reporter

TWO men were kidnapped last week and forced to be intimate with women at gunpoint in two separate incidents. In the first incident, a 30-year-old man was kidnapped and forced to be intimate with three women for five days after being reportedly given some drugs. [...]

The Standard [Zimbabwe]
14 August 2011

Mystery of women rapists unleashing terror on men


FOR a hugely patriarchal society such as Zimbabwe, the reported cases of women raping men are a huge assault at male domination, causing people to cringe at the mere thought of such kind of emasculation.

Like all such stories, reports of the women gangs sounded like urban legends, but reports of such rapes have increased and got the police interested in investigating the cases. But the police are yet to arrest any woman involved in raping men. [...]