Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seed Signs


Capital Press [Salem, OR]
5 August 2010

Survey: Seed signs baffle many urbanites
Perception of corporate ownership dims trust of many consumers

For the Capital Press

VAIL, Colo. -- Signs that proclaim the source of seed for the crops growing in fields lead urban Americans to think the farm is owned by a seed corporation, an Illinois Farm Bureau survey of Chicagoans has found. [...]

Capital Press [Salem, OR]
12 August 2010
Seed sign story grows into legend
Capital Press

Monday, August 23, 2010

NYC Sewergator (2010)


New York Post
23 August 2010

Gator crawls out of Queens drain


At least one alligator really does live in New York City's sewers.

Cops apprehended an 18-inch gator that crawled out of an overflowing Astoria storm drain and hunkered down beneath a parked car this afternoon, delighting onlookers and giving fresh meat to the urban myth that the carnivorous critters are living below the Big Apple. [...]


New York Daily News
23 August 2010

Urban legend comes to life, maybe: Baby crocodile hiding under car shocks Queens

BY Barry Paddock and Bill Hutchinson

A crocodile caused a commotion in Queens Sunday when it was cornered under a car.

Yes, a crocodile.

"Before you ask, no cops could confirm it came out of the sewer," said police spokesman James Duffy, referring to an urban legend that such reptiles live in the city's sewer system. [...]

New York Times
23 August 2010
Alligator Surfaces Beneath a Car in Queens

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Al Capone in Fort Myers, Florida


The News-Press [Fort Myers, FL]
22 August 2010

Al Capone slept in Lee County; or did he?


Al Capone, the most famous gangster of the 20th century, hid out in Fort Myers, secluding himself in a house on the Caloosahatchee. Or he didn't.

He also stayed in a Dean Park house, a Fort Myers hotel and on Fort Myers Beach. Or he didn't. [...]

Construction Sacrifice Rumors (Bangladesh)


The Daily Star [Bangladesh]
23 August 2010

Rumour of Child-Lifting in Ctg
Lynch mob kills one
30 injured as they clash with cops, attack police station

Staff Correspondent, Ctg

An elderly beggar woman was killed and three other people were injured in separate incidents of mob beating in the city on Saturday night and yesterday following a remour of child-lifting.

Chittagong SP ZA Morshed told The Daily Star that five suspected child-lifters have also been killed in such incidents in the district since August 01.

Sources said the rumour is that child-lifters are taking away children for collecting cut off heads for the newly built third Karnaphuli Bridge. [...]

bdnews24.com [Bangladesh]
22 August 2010
'Kidnap rumor to create anarchy in Ctg'

bdnews24.com [Bangladesh]
22 August 2010
Mob beats woman to death for 'child kidnapping'

The Financial Express [Bangladesh]
25 August 2010
Child kidnapping phobia grips Ctg

The Daily Star [Bangladesh]
26 August 2010
Rumour of Child Abduction in Ctg
Mob kills mentally challenged woman

Friday, August 13, 2010

Deadly Phone Calls (Nagpur, India, 2010)


Times of India
13 August 2010

Don't believe in rumours of 'deadly' phone calls

NAGPUR: The city has recently seen a slew of rumours doing the rounds on mobile phones, cautioning about calls coming from a few specific numbers, which would allegedly cause physical harm to the recipient.

On Thursday, the situation aggravated after rumours about deaths after answering such calls also started doing the rounds. Media houses got several calls enquiring about the 'danger' numbers and whether they had caused any deaths in the city or led to blasts of cellphones.

The police control room was also flooded with calls and enquiries. There was a call at the control room about a nine-year-old girl allegedly dying at Subhas Nagar and another of a teenager's death due to bleeding from ears after receiving the call at Siras Peth. [...]


Times of India
14 August 2010

Boy claims mobile injury, docs say no

Alka Panse, TNN

NAGPUR: Nagpur police has rubbished claims that a 15-year-old boy sustained mysterious injuries on his left eye while fiddling with a cellphone.

The incident was one of the several rumours of strange rays from cellphones claiming the lives of users which have been doing the rounds in the city. [...]

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Animal Shelter Killings (West Virginia)


WTRF-TV [Wheeling, WV]
10 August 2010

Rumors Not True About Ohio County Animal Shelter
A rumor on Facebook is completely untrue, according to Dog Warden Doug McCroskey.

By Stacy Rich

TRIADELPHIA -- The Ohio County Animal Shelter is fighting rumors that could jeopardize the adoption of dozens of animals.

A rumor was started on Facebook online that stated that the shelter was moving and euthenizing the animals they couldn't place in homes right away. [...]

Animal Shelter Killings (Ohio)


Akron Beacon Journal [OH]
2 August 2010

Summit County denies animals will be killed

By Kathy Antoniotti
Beacon Journal staff writer

Authorities say Internet rumors that Summit County Animal Control is planning a mass kill of animals at the shelter are not true. [...]

Stuck Couple (Ghana)


Daily Guide [Accra, Ghana]
10 August 2010

Sex-Lock Hoax At La

The La Police Station was last Saturday turned into a Mecca for residents, as they thronged the security post to catch a glimpse of an alleged sex-lock case involving a married woman and fun-seeking man.

A radio station, it was alleged, had started the rumour, having picked the wild but untrue story from a neighbourhood gossip. [...]

Friday, August 6, 2010

Stuck Couple (Dumaguete City, Philippines)


The Negros Chronicle [Dumaguete City, Philippines]
2 August 2010

Sex radio rumor was a dud!
Anatomy of a rumor: that leads to nowhere


What is a rumor? A rumor is an idea, or an event, heard or relayed by any means to anyone which has no basis in fact, but, which the human mind usually wants to believe as true.

Such was the much talked about another sex scandal in Dumaguete, they say, as part II sequel of the voyeurism controversy a year back. Medically, the scandal bordered around the sickness called Vaginismus. [...]


Dumaguete City Forum [blog]

Dumaguete Scandal

Better than a soap opera and for the most part true - at least as far as I can determine. The only written media reference to it was a brief item in the Visayan language press.

Our last 23 July transit to Bais is interrupted by a text from Den Den's father. He works, amongst other jobs, for a local radio station which has sent him to Holy Child Hospital to ascertain the particulars of an interesting local news item.

It seems that one of the local motorized tricycle taxi drivers was enjoying some pre-nooner delight with a woman in a local "by the hour" hotel. He became stuck! [...]


St. Paul University Dumaguete

Statement from St. Paul University Dumaguete
Monday, August 02, 2010

St. Paul University Dumaguete strongly denies accusations from some sectors which was based from a radio station’s news item insinuating that an SPUD Teacher was involved in an alleged scandal. [...]

Monday, August 2, 2010



Sydney Morning Herald
3 August 2010

Column 8

In a Rose Bay street, hairdresser Kerry Smith, of Paddington, received a call on his mobile phone from a cousin in his native Scotland, and the two conversed for a while in Gaelic. When the call ended, he was tapped on the shoulder by a woman - a regular customer - who asked: ''What language was that? It's so unusual.'' When he replied that the language was Gaelic, she gasped: ''I had no idea gay people had their own language!'' [...]


National Post [Canada]
3 August 2010

Closure of Cape Breton’s oldest synagogue marks end of era

Joe O'Connor

[...] Ruthie Goldbloom lives in Halifax now, but grew up in New Waterford, a small town not unlike the other coal digging spots that once dappled Cape Breton’s shores.

Ms. Goldbloom is 86. She tells the story of her grandfather, Joseph Claener, a Russian Jew, setting up a tiny grocery store in New Waterford. To make extra money, Joseph would travel by horse and buggy to rural areas hawking his wares, door to door.

There is a family tale of Joseph getting stranded after a snowstorm in Cape Smokey. A kindly family took him in for several weeks. Joseph only spoke Russian and Yiddish. When he returned to New Waterford his proud wife told the neighbours that her husband had learned to speak English. She wanted him to thank them for their kindness. So they gathered around.

“What he spoke was perfect Gaelic,” Ms. Goldbloom says with a roaring laugh. “What he thought was English was Gaelic. And that’s a true story: he was the only man in Canada, as far as I know, that could speak Russian, Yiddish — and Gaelic.” [...]

Baby Boom: U.S. East Coast, 2010


Washington Post
2 August 2010

Nine months after winter storms, some area hospitals expect a spike in births

By Stephanie Lee
Washington Post Staff Writer

[...] So it was during the historic snowstorms in December and February that folks trapped indoors searched for ways to relieve the boredom. Nearly nine months later, the things some residents did seem to be breeding results. [...]