Friday, August 6, 2010

Stuck Couple (Dumaguete City, Philippines)

The Negros Chronicle [Dumaguete City, Philippines]
2 August 2010

Sex radio rumor was a dud!
Anatomy of a rumor: that leads to nowhere


What is a rumor? A rumor is an idea, or an event, heard or relayed by any means to anyone which has no basis in fact, but, which the human mind usually wants to believe as true.

Such was the much talked about another sex scandal in Dumaguete, they say, as part II sequel of the voyeurism controversy a year back. Medically, the scandal bordered around the sickness called Vaginismus. [...]

Dumaguete City Forum [blog]

Dumaguete Scandal

Better than a soap opera and for the most part true - at least as far as I can determine. The only written media reference to it was a brief item in the Visayan language press.

Our last 23 July transit to Bais is interrupted by a text from Den Den's father. He works, amongst other jobs, for a local radio station which has sent him to Holy Child Hospital to ascertain the particulars of an interesting local news item.

It seems that one of the local motorized tricycle taxi drivers was enjoying some pre-nooner delight with a woman in a local "by the hour" hotel. He became stuck! [...]

St. Paul University Dumaguete

Statement from St. Paul University Dumaguete
Monday, August 02, 2010

St. Paul University Dumaguete strongly denies accusations from some sectors which was based from a radio station’s news item insinuating that an SPUD Teacher was involved in an alleged scandal. [...]