Saturday, March 27, 2010

Holocaust Soap for Sale in Montreal

CBC [Canada]
26 March 2010

Shop owner defends sale of 'Holocaust' soap
Montreal shop owner's wares draw ire from Jewish groups

The owner of a Montreal collectibles shop is defending his decision to sell a bar of soap he advertises as being made of the fat of Holocaust victims. [...]

The Gazette [Montreal]
27 March 2010

Montreal shop claims soap made from Holocaust victims
St. Laurent Blvd. soap-peddler incites rage, ridicule

By Irwin Block, Montreal Gazette

MONTREAL – A vendor’s claim that soap for sale in his Montreal trinket shop is made from the corpses of Second World War victims was greeted Friday with both outrage and ridicule. [...]

In spite of rumours to the contrary, there is no evidence the Germans ever made soap out of human flesh most Holocaust experts today agree. [...]

The Gazette [Montreal]
8 April 2010

Swastika-branded soap undergoes test
Seized by police; Made from corpses, merchant claimed

Montreal police have asked for an in-house chemical analysis of a bar of soap with a swastika stamped on it to see whether it was made from the corpses of Second World War victims, as the vendor claimed last week. [...]

CBC [Canada]
2 June 2010

'Nazi' soap contains no human remains

Quebec authorities say they found no human remains in a swastika-stamped bar of soap sold at a Montreal curio shop whose owner claimed it was made with fat from Holocaust victims. [...]

The shop owner likely won't be charged with fraud for misrepresenting his soap, police said.