Saturday, April 11, 2009

Was Marilyn Monroe a Size 16?

The Times [London]
11 April 2009

Was Marilyn Monroe a size 16?

Sara Buys

There has been much debate about Marilyn Monroe’s vital statistics. [...] Contrary to received wisdom, she was not a voluptuous size 16 – quite the opposite. While she was undeniably voluptuous – in possession of an ample bosom and a bottom that would look at home gyrating in a J-Lo video – for most of the early part of her career, she was a size 8 and even in her plumper stages, was no more than a 10. I can tell you this from experience because a few weeks ago, I tried to try on her clothes. [...]

[See also Richard Roeper, Hollywood Urban Legends (2001), pp. 89-92.]